I’ve officially been on the job for three whole weeks.  I’m like a grown up with a real job now, no longer am I an unwashed miscreant sitting around my apartment wearing yoga pants and writing things. Now I sit in an office wearing dresses and writing things.  Best. Job. Ever

So far, my days at work look a little like this: write Tweets, write blogs, read diet books all day, edit diet books all day, look at lots of pictures of food and incredibly fit people, research diet fads for TV segment appearances, and fantasize about fitness phonemes I’d like to do a book with one day.  Basically, my life is awesome.  The one, minor, issue I’ve been having thus far is my gym schedule.  That should change come the new year as we change offices to one that is in spitting distance to my gym–Yay for lunch time workouts.

As for now, I’m just aiming to keep holiday weight gain to a minimum.  One of the tidbits I’ve learned in my daily research is that the average American eats an extra 619 calories per day in the days between Thanksgiving and New Years (Texas A & M study).  That’s about five pounds.  Not to mention that 51% of yearly weight gain can be attributed to that holiday gain, yearly gain meaning it doesn’t come off after the holidays (Tufts University study).  Besides being a wet dream for my fitness obsessed mind, this job is also ruining just about every food for me.  Which is bad? Right? Oh, who knows, all I know is I’m a total bummer to be around at parties.

My social life goes a little like this:

“Hi Kim, great ugly Christmas sweater,” Imaginary Party Goer (henceforth to be called IPG) says.

“Uh, I didn’t know this was an ugly Christmas sweater party?  I just liked it,”  I say, in an effort to both stand up for myself, and shame this friend with utter awkwardness.

“Oh, whoops, anyhoo, how’s life?” IPG says, innocently…as if!

“Did you know the average cheese and cracker consumption at a holiday party is 600 calories,” I say.

“Oh, is that so.  Well, I guess I’ll stay away from the cheese then.”

I have obviously not yet succeeded in proving my superiority in all things calorie obsessive to IPG, so I follow up with, “You should skip the egg nog too, it’s 400 calories a glass.”

“Great talking to you!  Great sweater!” IPG slinks away, breathing a big sigh of relief. I stare at the bar longingly.

[End Scene]

I am hoping I stop being the calorie equivalent to Band Camp Girl as my job starts to feel more routine, and less like I’m prepping for Jeopardy.  In the mean time I’m loving a few other things besides my actual job description, but that are slightly work related, and may help with holiday shopping.

I ordered a mini-Crock Pot for keeping my lunches warm without waiting in line at the office microwave.  I’m obsessed with it.  I’ve been bringing cabbage soup for lunch, and not only does it heat it up as I go, but it doesn’t lose me any new friends because it keeps the odors contained until you take the lid off.  I purchased it on Amazon for less than $20–it may not be the most romantical holiday gift, but if you know someone resolving to bring their lunch to work in the New Year, it has my seal of approval.

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 4.59.37 PM copy

I absolutely love reading during my commute, in fact I often skip switching to the express train so I can read a bit longer.  I’m including this, because I noticed today that Amazon was offering Kindles for $49, that’s pretty friggin cheap for an eReader, and I love mine.  I like knowing I always have a book at my fingertips, and don’t have to cut trees down in the process.

ks-slate-01-lg-holiday-v2._V367818060_ 2

I love, love, love my subscription to StitchFix.  As someone who has spent a good portion of her adult life working from home, having a little outside perspective on my clothing choices is AWESOME.  Also, I hate shopping in stores.  I hate the fluorescent lighting and the pushy salespeople.  Stitch Fix is basically the Netflix of clothing, you take a pretty extensive series of quizzes about your personal style, submit your sizes and fit preferences, set your clothing budget for the month, and disclose styles you absolutely hate, and then, as if like magic you get a box of clothes that is styled just for you.   As your fixes go on, they tailor their selections for you based on your reviews and what you keep.  Apparently I’m big into stripes.  If you don’t like an item, you return it and are never charged–even the shipping is pre-paid.  They do offer gift certificates, if you’d like to gift a fix to a friend.


The last thing that has entered my life, as I left the confines of my toasty apartment: Fleece Lined Leggings.  Ladies, Gents, Children, Puppies, you need a pair or several.  Not only are these crazy warm (which is a really good thing right about now if you’re in New York or any cold-weather state) but they’re just plain comfy.  It’s like engulfing your legs in the inside of a stuffed animal. Soft, cushy, comforting–except for the stuffed animal.  They’re a cheap indulgence, and they fit under slacks pretty well, and can sub in for tights if you’re a diehard dress/skirt wearer.

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 5.19.51 PM copy

These legs are not mine.  I’m not Peg Bundy, I do not wear high heels with leggings.  These legs belong to Amazon.

And now for the Eats:


IMG_1574Smoothie with banana, mixed berries, almond milk, and Vega Vanilla Chai Protein Powder


photoCabbage soup


IMG_1527Salmon and roasted asparagus

EXERCISE: Late night strength training session–I like to wait out rush hour and hit the gym as it empties out.  So looking forward to lunch time in my new office!