New Year’s resolutions are a big deal in this little life of mine.  I’m a big fan of cleaning our own slates and using every opportunity to make our lives more fulfilling. Usually I wait until New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day to announce my resolutions and ask about yours, but this year I’m letting you in on my goals in hopes that you may consider joining me in this particular resolution.


My resolution for 2014 is to give up weighing myself.

The idea came to me a week ago while cleaning out my closets. I was in the process of putting all of my “skinny” clothes in storage,  leaving only the clothes that fit me right now, in this moment. It took me a while to get to that point, to come to terms with the fact that losing the weight I’ve gained over the last couple of years won’t happen over night. Logically I know that, I preach patience in weight loss to anyone who will listen, but with myself sometimes the speech gets muted.

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned about myself over the years it is that weight loss is addicting.  When I’m not dieting I generally weigh myself every few weeks to make sure my calorie intake is in the right range, but when I’m in the process of losing weight I get on the scale every day.  Sometimes more, sometimes I weigh myself before I pee in the morning, and then again after…and maybe again if I get a complimentary glance at myself in the mirror.  There’s a high that comes with the vanishing pounds, but on the flip side, a deep disappointment in myself when the scale goes up or even when it stays the same.

The danger of course, is the extremes that are so easy to fall into to ensure the numbers are getting smaller.

So, this coming year, I’m not weighing myself (in fact, I’ve already stopped.  It’s like resolution pre-gaming).  I’m still watching what I eat, still exercising, and still making an effort to take those clothes out of storage (they’re really, really nice clothes)…but I’m going to judge my success on how I feel, how I look in the mirror, and the way my clothes fit and not a flashing three-digit number.

I’ve never proposed anyone take on my resolutions before, but I would love it if a few of you would consider joining me in not allowing a number define our self worth.

 What are you planning on resolving in January?