I had a whole bunch of things that I wanted to say about life, but at the end of the day I’m just really glad Thanksgiving is over.

Is anyone else still full?

December isn’t exactly a month that’s light on calories, but somehow a little Chinese food on Christmas and a little birthday cake are far more manageable than the multitude of Thanksgivings we have.

So, what’s my strategy for all the holiday parties (I do have a dress fitting at the end of the month, after all)?  Glad you asked:

  • Don’t stand at the snack table.  This may be hard because The Fella has that leftover from college FREE FOOD mentality, but we’ll get there
  • Skip the open bar.  I do like a good cocktail, but my new mantra is “This isn’t the last time you’re going to eat it” that goes for drinking too.  I’m sure I will encounter many more open bars in my lifetime, hell, I’m paying for one in August (Please remind me that I cannot make all that money back by consuming the entire contents of the top shelf in my wedding dress…or at all, because I’d die of alcohol poisoning).
  • Love the crudité plate, but not too much.  All the munching…and later, farting…is not good for conversation.

I’ve always envied folks that could just “take a little” and be totally fine with that. A little piece of cake, a tiny dollop of dip, in my mind something went wrong with them evolutionarily…or they’re just faking it.  Either way, this is not a skill I posses, so I’m better off with avoidance.

How do you handle the holiday binge?

And here’s what I ate on Monday:



1 egg & 1/2 cup egg whites, 1/4 light shredded cheese

Latte made with 1% milk



Turkey wrap
Salad with balsamic vinaigrette



Shakshoukah: I didn’t eat all of this, I just make really huge portions

because in my head I’m a 320lb wrestler

Exercise: Since today was my first day of work, I decided to skip the gym and focus on work.