Wolverine says, “I’m very good at what I do, and what I do is drink green sludgy juices”

I like experimenting with diets.  Weird, yes, but everyone needs a hobby. Diets are my hobby.

I have officially been participating in the great Nutribullet Detox of 2013.  The rules of the cleanse are thus:

  • Clean Eating: For the first week meals are limited to lean proteins and vegetables
  • Nutribullets: In addition to three meals, you must drink two Nutribullet blended juices.  Now this isn’t the kind of juice you get from using a juicer, it’s chunkier, blended, so it still has all the uber healthy fiber
  • No dairy for the first week, in the second week Greek yogurt and Kefir can be added
  • No alcohol
  • No soda
  • No sugar
  • Exercise three hours per week
  • In the second week low-sugar fruits like berries and green apples can be added minimally

Now, I’m not one to wax hyperbolic about a diet.  In fact, I don’t so much recommend diets as I do sensible, balanced lifestyles.  I just really enjoy the experiment factor.  BUT, I haven’t felt this good in YEARS.  My energy level is amazing, I’ve been sleeping better, I’ve been having fewer allergic reactions, and my digestion is awesome.

Having said all that.  I really hate these juices.  I’m not a veggie juice girl.  I will eat as many salads as you want, but I do have a hard time chugging these bad boys.


Kale, ginger, carrot, celery, lemon, cucumber, cayenne pepper


Pumpkin puree, kale, carrot, cinnamon, Vega Vanilla Chai Protein Powder

I’m not sure if it’s the juices (I doubt it) or the elimination of just about everything that’s bad for me and a huge uptick in veggies (probably), but the benefits so far have far outweighed the ick factor.

After my 21-Days are over I’m hoping to adapt this to a more sustainable long-term approach to eating.  Add a few more fruits, a cheat day here and there, some complex carbs once a day and I think I may just have myself a lifestyle.

What I like about this particular detox: I’m not starving, I’m actually eating more than I usually do.  I am a three square kinda girl, so the eating every three hours schedule is taking some getting used to.  I enjoy the fact that the “juices” are really basically blended veggies, which means that they keep all of their good parts and actually fill me up.  I like the fact that while it is a high protein diet, it isn’t completely carb or fat free.  Carbohydrates in the form of vegetables are required, as are healthy fats. There’s no calorie counting; it’s pretty hard to binge on kale and grilled chicken, no matter how delicious it is.

Because I’ve been feeling so friggin awesome, I’ve decided not to weigh myself.  I want to enjoy this journey, and if I feel like it’s not “working” I may just lose my steam.

Here are some of my other meals over the last few days:




…and a lot of grilled chicken breasts (which just don’t photograph yummy)

Am I saying you should go out there and buy a Nutribullet and blend some salad up and drink it with a straw?  No.  But, this is a great reminder to me about how important it is to eat clean, to feed your body with foods that are actually nourishing, foods that come from the earth, not from a packaging plant.

These are all things I know, but every once in a while I need a real reminder to practice what I preach.  I’m not aiming for perfection, there will be slip ups, I’m aiming to do the best I can to listen to my body and treat it with the respect it deserves. If that means holding my nose and chugging my veggies for a while, cool.