This is about the time each year when I start freaking out that the year is coming to an end.

I have this minor malfunction in my brain that causes me to ALWAYS think it’s the year 2000 (feel free to re-read that in the Conan O’Brien ominous “In the year 2000” voiceover).  I’m not sure why that is, probably because I graduated from high school in 2000, while the whole world was simultaneously freaking out about the fact that the Internet was going to have a meltdown and we would have to go back to living in caves and making fire by rubbing sticks together…and perhaps grunting.

So, there you have it, a fun fact about the dysfunctional workings of my mind: I always think it’s 2000, and each new year that brings us further from that date I realize that I haven’t actually changed all that much and I should probably be more of a grown up by now.

Having said all of that, my resolutions for November do not consist of acting more like a grown up.  I am who I am.  Instead, they consist of boot camp…and maybe $500.

Right, well let’s start at the beginning.  A few years ago, while I was still filming  The Daily Special I reviewed an exercise class on the Brooklyn Bridge appropriately dubbed Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp.

In the time since then I’ve taken a class here and there with them and somewhere along the way I found myself on their mailing list.



A couple of weeks ago I decided to read their newsletter instead of just immediately deleting it from my inbox, as I am want to do of newsletters most of the time.  In it they were advertising a three week boot camp program, complete with Nutribullet plan to replace 2 meals or snacks a day, while maintaining a clean eating diet of your choice for the remaining 2-3 meals/snacks per day.  Now, I’m not a huge snacker, I prefer three large meals than having five small ones, but I’ll see how it goes.  Anyway, the kicker was that the person in the boot camp with the highest percentage of fat loss would win $500.

Since I’m currently in the beginning throes of the “Wedding Diet” I figured this would be a great way to kickstart my plan and pay off some of my wedding.  Win-win.

The boot camp starts 11/7 and ends the day before Thanksgiving.  I’m going to win it.  I’m not a competitive person, but I do have credit card bills I’d like to pay off.

In addition to my resolution to rock my boot camp/cleanse, I’m keeping up with my resolution from last month to nix gluten.  I’m feeling a lot better since I started taking that resolution seriously and I’d love to see where I am this time next month.

What are you resolving for November?