In the tune of, “Let’s Talk about Sex” by the inimitable Salt ‘n’ Pepa:

Ladies, all the ladies, louder now, help me out
Come on, all the ladies – let’s talk about not freezing your arse off on Halloween, all right

Hmm, maybe music and lyrics isn’t my forte.  Still, I have found the secret to not being miserable on Halloween—dressing like a man.


Halloween is big business in our house.  There’s already talk about how we’ll torture our poor future offspring with overly ornate costumes.  As far as this year goes, we didn’t go as “all out” as we usually do, but I have to admit that I get a sort of cruel sense of satisfaction when The Fella complains about his miniskirt being too drafty or his tube top falling down. While we may not win any costume awards, this year has been my favorite in the sense of comfort…and revenge on mankind (actually, I like men, but it’s funny to listen to them complain about the things women put up with for them).

We’re off to a party, but before I put on my Clark Cap, here’s a rundown of what I ate today:



Udi’s GF Cinnamon Raisin Bagel w/Peanut Butter and Banana


I’m practicing my barista style foam shapes.  I’m not quite there yet.



Turkey meat loaf muffins
Broccoli, and lots of it



Shakshukah (Middle Eastern egg and tomato stew)

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?