I have been writing this blog for five years.

That’s a long time in the attention span of a blogger.  When I first started writing this little online diary of mine, one of my main dietary goals was to focus on eating for optimal energy—because my life was crazy busy.

In five years my life hasn’t evolved to be any less busy, but my steadfast focus on eating with a focus on my energy levels has most certainly waned.  Also, let’s face it, so has my blogging.

So, today I am making a call to arms…to myself, because I have no other arms, to return to my roots. That means blogging daily about what I’m eating…even if I don’t have all that much to say, because let’s face it, these days my life revolves around book promotion and wedding planning, and ain’t nobody got time for that, or more appropriately, nobody but me and my editor/betrothed, respectively, actually care.   Still, I will search the depths of my soul/fingers to find interesting things to write or at least provide interesting food pics.

I will focus my energy on eating foods that fuel me; cutting gluten to the best of my ability—because it makes my skin do this thing that is all sorts of uncomfortable; and exercise, so that my arms look awesome in that big white dress I just spent way too much money on.

To start, here’s what I ate yesterday.  I didn’t exercise, because I came home from work and proceeded to fall asleep at 8pm—hence me feeling like I need to focus on my energy levels.




I’ve finally succumbed to the fact if I’m going to eliminate gluten, I’m going to need gluten-free bread. I thought I could do it without succumbing to the high calorie mostly tasteless bread bombs, but sometimes you just need bread.  Having said that, for breakfast I had a breakfast sandwich with GF bread, 1/2 cup egg whites, and laughing cow cheese.  With a side of grapes



Smoothie with almond milk, banana, chocolate whey protein, and peanut butter



Bok choy (steamed in TJs Miso Ginger broth, I highly recommend it) and Cajun salmon

Exercise: I had aspired to attend a Zumba class, but alas, I feel asleep on the couch.