I just woke up from a dream that I was at my own wedding.  Completely unprepared, as I tend to be for formal events.  I was sitting at the bar of the venue beforehand, gleefully ordering a drink with my friends when another bride who was getting married there offered me a wedding dress she’d decided not to wear—it was too big for her.

“Sure,” I said. “Thanks.”

I went down to a musty old basement and tried on the dress.  If I held my stomach in it fit pretty well, with one hitch; in the dark it looked like an off-white cream color, in the light it was mauve with black lace.  Also, my hair was a disaster, it was the kind of frizzy-curly that happens the day after I wash it and wear it in natural curls. Roy’s cousins were trying to get me to look moderately normal, besides the fact that I was barefoot.  During all of this, I realized that I wasn’t wearing shoes.

On my way to the ceremony one of the guests saw me and said, “Really?  Okay.”

“Yeah, why not.” Was my response.

Still, I was totally cool about it all, even feeling sort of accidentally bohemian. My only real fear was that Roy would be disappointed—but apparently not fearful enough that I would have gone through the motions of buying a wedding dress and stuff before the wedding.

The only thing I was slightly worried about was not having a veil, as it is considered to be an instrumental part of a nutritious breakfast traditional Jewish wedding.

I’m going out to Long Island on Sunday for more venue shopping and to try on some wedding dresses with my mom.  Honestly though, I woke up sort of attached to my shoeless, frizzy haired, mauve and black dress wearing self—she seamed, if nothing else, to be completely and honestly me.  Totally ridiculous, a little bit lost, and mostly worried about other people.

I’m not sure why I felt the need to share that with the Internet—this is what happens when I blog in the morning. I am one of those people that like to read into their dreams—I think they tell us more about what we want, what we fear, and who we really are than our waking life ever could.  From this dream I am taking the fact that—bridal stuff doesn’t really interest me—although drinks really do, apparently—but I do care about the people in my life and want them to be happy.  And that I should wear shoes at my wedding and maybe wash my hair.

I do apologize if too much of this blog has been taken up with wedding brain.  In other news, I think I have reached my junk food saturation point.  There is a point that happens after prolonged periods of not caring what I eat: I stop liking buttery/fried/sugary foods, and start craving salad.  That’s where I’m at now—I’m oh so thankful for finding that place again.  And right in time for marathon training to start.  This week is my first week back with Team in Training to prep for the New Orleans Rock & Roll Half Marathon in February.  More on that training later!

Here’s what I’ve been eating…



The coffee is decaf and the English muffin is gluten free—I’m still keeping my monthly resolutions

Egg white omelet with light cheese


photo 1

My latest lunch obsession is kale salads with hot sauce.

kale, avocado, edemame, onion, carrot, chicken and hot sauce as dressing.


photo 2

Tofu and chickpea curry over brown rice

Exercise: Short 2-mile run