Here I was, minding my business, having a summer and then WHAM, it’s October.

I’m not so sure I know how I feel about this completely unexpected occurrence, but I suppose since there’s nothing I can do about it I may as well make the most of it.

This month I’m resolving something I never…ever…in all my life…since I was seven years old…thought I would resolve.

This month I am resolving to nix caffeine.  That includes coffee.  Coffee is my favorite food, but lately it hasn’t been making me feel all that great so I’m going to brave the withdrawal headaches and see if 31 days without caffeine makes me feel any better.

I have a couple of other “Why not eliminate things that make you feel like crappola” goals for the month.

In addition to caffeine, I plan on limiting alcohol to once this month (it would be entirely, but I’ve been promising a friend an outing for the best margaritas in New York for months and the stars have finally aligned, allowing our schedules to finally open up enough for salty, tequila-laden awesomeness).

Lastly, and inspired by my visit to Los Angeles and dinner with Rene (Los Angeles recap to come, I got home late last night), my goal is to limit gluten again.  I have one stipulation, I don’t plan on filling the gluten void with processed breads and snacks, just simply opt for naturally gluten-free alternatives.  I don’t believe I have a serious gluten allergy, simply a sensitivity to it—so there’s no real need to overhaul my whole life, just be more conscious of what I’m eating and how I feel after.

With only a few months left of 2013, I’d like to end the year feeling better physically than when I came into it.

What are your resolutions for October? The rest of 2013?