It’s been a long time since I “wrote” a weekend edition.  Not so much a collection of my thoughts or food journaling but a collection of things that have happened over the weekend that make me happy.

I really should get back in the habit of posting a weekend round-up if only to reflect to myself how awesome the simple things in life can be.

So, without further ado, this is what rocked my weekend:




I can’t thank you all enough for your comments on my I’m Scared of Weddings post—I think you may have just saved my sanity.  I really appreciate all the reassurances that I’m not insane, and that the wedding planning process is a survivable one—no matter what we decide to do.

Your words of wisdom helped me psych myself up for an impromptu weekend of wedding venue shopping with my parents and The Fella.  Since New York City weddings are proving to be seriously overwhelming, my mom took the initiative to book us a few appointments to look at places on Long Island, where I grew up.

While we don’t think we’ll be saying I Do at either of the spots we saw, we definitely got excited about the fact that weddings in the suburbs are SO MUCH more affordable—and Long Island happens to be a beautiful place.  We have a few more venue spots to see, both city-side and on the Island.  I can’t say I’m not still overwhelmed, but I may just be able to enjoy this process a bit more.

photo 1

The Fella left me a crossword-style love note. I could probably get through a good 2/3rds of it without help!  My Hebrew is definitely improving.  I may one day know what my children are saying.Also, the note was really sweet. He’s a keeper.

Oh, and if you’re trying to learn a new language, I highly recommend the Pimsleur Approach—I’ve been downloading lessons to my phone on iTunes and listening to them when I’m on the go.  I sound like a bit of a whackadoo talking to myself in Hebrew on the bus, but it certainly buys me a few extra inches of personal space during rush hour.


Drinks on the Standard Hotel Rooftop.  I’m always super proud of myself when I get into “cool people” places, because  I assume the bouncer will look at me and start laughing as all the models in shoes I’m far too practical to wear, walk right by me. It’s fun hanging with the cool kids once in a while, but I’m more of a sit at home watching Quantum Leap on Netflix kinda gal.

photo 2

Impromptu do-gooding. If you’ve been reading my blog since January, you might remember that one of my New Year’s resolutions was to give blood regularly.  When my mom was in the hospital a few years ago she received a number of blood transfusions and now whenever I see a blood donation truck I stop in to pay it forward.  Giving blood takes ten minutes out of your day, but really does save lives.

photo 3

We gave blood, then treated ourselves to some fro-yo.

photo 4

That’s about it for me. What’s been making you happy?