Let the vacation countdown begin!

If there is one thing I love more than any other it is buffalo wings a new beginning.  Every first of the month I write a series of resolutions to help me be a better version of myself by month’s end.  Sometimes those resolutions are to just relax (like July) and some months they consist of world domination (every other month that is not July).  I started writing monthly resolutions years ago, when I was still writing a daily column for Elastic Waist, but it is a practice that I have kept up and has become one of my favorite parts of every month.

This month is an odd one, I’m in an interesting place in my life: I’m working 80 hour weeks, a have a new book out, and I’m going on vacation for half of the month. Self improvement for this month will consist of focusing on the basics.

1. Exercise a little every day…even on vacation (for this purpose sex can be considered exercise on a conditional basis): I’m not usually one to consider anything below a 500 calorie burn rate a real work out(that’s my own measure of desired effort, don’t judge yourself based on my standards), but this month, I’m cool with leisurely walks, swims, and jogs when I can get them.  The Fella is never one to miss a workout, so we’ll have gym memberships ready and waiting for us when we land in Israel next week.

2. Spend some quality time:


See how totally not thrilled The Fella looks?  That’s because most of our intimate time together has been spent via Facetime over the last couple of months.  Luckily, today is my last day of travelling for work for the summer, and I owe this guy some real-life bonding time.  There will be cuddling, and movies, and we may even talk to each other while being in the same room!  But not just him: I miss my friends, my family, and just about everyone else who exists in my life.  Bring on the play dates!

3. Get through my inbox.  In the last couple of weeks my inbox has kind of blown up.  If you have written me an email and I haven’t gotten back to you, sorry—I’ll get there.

4. Clean up my eating.  Not being at home has wreaked a bit of havoc with my attempts to shed the 30lbs I gained writing my book (If you are the type that is prone to emotional eating, writing a memoir may not be the best thing for your thighs), but now that I’ll be home—for a whopping week—I can clean things up a bit.  Luckily, Israel has some of the best produce on the planet and when I’m there I eat oodles of salads and smoothies. It’s probably one of the most diet friendly vacations one could go on.

5. Have the best vacation ever.  Because I’ve earned two-weeks of down time!

What are you resolving for August?