Color Me Disappointed: Review of Brooklyn’s Color Run

Last weekend I fulfilled a lifelong dream.  Okay, not lifelong, like six-month long, which is long enough for most things that I find out about on the Internet.

I am, of course, talking about participating in the Color Run.

I’m pretty sure I heard about this laundry affirming race from other healthy living blogs.  I like trends.  I like race t-shirts.  I like healthy living bloggers and generally believe that they will never, ever, ever steer me wrong.


I mean, look how happy this guy is…right?

To be honest,despite all of the fun pictures and bandwagon of fun blogs I’ve read, I was kind of underwhelmed.

I don’t usually write “bad” blogs, I try out all sorts of products that never make it to the Internet because I would much rather tell you about the stuff I LOVE than the stuff I don’t.  I wouldn’t say I hated the Color Run, I just thought it could have been a lot better.

I’m going to start my review by saying that I think this may have been the first New York City based race they’ve done, and large events often need a few test runs before they work out all the kinks.  I’m not opposed to trying it again next year…this go around just didn’t live up to the hype.

The race started off well, there were good MC’s psyching the crowd up and fun music at the starting line, but as soon as we departed the starting line the music was completely out of earshot and the race turned into all runners/walkers/photo-oppers for themselves.

This was one of the key problems I had with the race; there was no order, just a vast blacktop crowded with people.  Most of the fun runs I’ve done in the past had some sort of protocol for varied speeds and separating runners from walkers—I’m not being snobby, just noting the frustration of some runners caught behind walls of walkers.  While the strategic color zones to soak the participants and various places to pose for photos where awesome and fun detours on a hot day, they became a traffic jam of sorts.

Basically, what the Color Run needs is a walking lane and a running lane.

If you’re a Facebook fiend this is definitely the race for you.  The race is untimed, so you don’t have to worry about setting  PR which allows for the freedom to stop and pose with friends in front of backdrops and with people rocking tutus.

The music was intermittent, reserved only for the starting line and color stations.  I think a few more speakers would have definitely added to the excitement of the crowd, which definitely ebbed in the half-mile intervals between colors.  I at one point overheard someone say, “Where’s all the happiness I was promised?”

That kind of summed up my thoughts, too.

All in all, it was an okay race with a good gimmick, but probably not worth the $60 registration fees.



What do you think, is this my new look?

  1. I did the Atlanta Color Run in April, and I think the word underwhelmed is a perfect description. They did have designated run/walk lanes, but noone payed any attention to them. My favorite part of the whole thing was the tshirt 😉 its pretty comfy

  2. Underwhelmed is accurate. The Color Run is nothing new to Portland, and from what I hear, it’s the same every year. People clogging the course for photo ops. Definitely not worth the money.

  3. I haven’t done the color run yet, but just did the Electric Run and would have to concur with your assessment of the Color Run! It was still a lot of fun, but not quite the 5K I imagined!

  4. I have done the Nashville Color Run twice and it was fun… but the second time around it was underwhelming. The best part is getting dirty and just walking with friends 🙂

  5. I concur. The Raleigh Color Run was just okay. I wouldn’t call it a run per se since I could never get past a slow jog. Better organization would be the key. If i sign up for a race I want to run!

  6. So glad to see someone say it.. the highlight real known as facebook and the advertising definitely made it look like it was going to be one giant party! Instead it felt more like photo ops to prove it was fun! To top off all your spot on observations, I did it with my daughter and one of the color throwers decided to forgo the squeeze bottle, using her hands to scoop it up and without looking tossed it straight into my daughters face. I can only assume she thought she was tossing it at ‘shirt height’ but point blank into the eyes was not ideal when we had nothing clean to wipe it off with!

  7. Aww, that is such a shame. When the Color Run and the Color Me Rad races came to Philadelphia for the first time last year, my friend and I decided to do the Color Me Rad race. It was one of the best experiences ever! We were covered in colored cornstarch. So much so, that my tongue was even blue. There were multiple color bombs, and a huge mosh pit after we completed the race. You could pose for pictures in a booth once you crossed the finish-line. And!! You could cover yourself in even more color because they started handing out more color packets. I loved it! The run also benefited the Special Olympics. So, not only did we have fun, but we supported a special cause too. So sad to here that the Color Run didn’t produce the same effects.

  8. I am soured to no end by The Color Run from Maryland on 4/29/14 Baltimore. In the Kaleidoscope tour they advertised a sling pack as part of your registration & a packet of color. During packet pick up we received a shirt, bracelet, number & headband. I wrote customer service who stated they were testing glasses at our location, um no glasses in the packet. So they asked address to send glasses, never received. Never received a sling pack either! It’s June!!!! They denied us of a packet of color for the race stating their surveys said runners did not want to carry & run with them, um hello its a color run!!! THEN at the end they did not let you pick your color, they handed you one, shame on this sham of a poorly organized race. Oh and lets not forget how your memories aka photos now cost money from their bs company Flo Foto. HORRIBLE experience Unhappiest 5k on the Planet

  9. A huge disappointment!!! We had fun because the party is where you and your friends are at but the color run provide almost no water and no food. I’ve never been to a 5K of any theme where no beverages of any type were supplied. Everyone there was complaining but I especially felt bad for the little kids who had nothing to drink after the run. After a couple of hours and just before we left, people attacked a pickup truck that showed up with bags of ice. People were trying to get just pieces of ice to suck on for water. Very sad!