Yes, that’s The Fella dressed up as Captain America and Photoshopped into an old Army poster.

My boyfriend loves America.  I mean, I love America too, but I was born here and with a natural born citizenship comes a natural cynicism and the nagging feeling that America could be so much better if we just…did this, that, or the other thing.

It’s easy, as someone who was born in one of the most freedom-based countries in the world to harp on all the negatives of American society.  But living with an immigrant, someone who gave up everything he knew to move across the planet in hope of a better life, has taught me a lot about Patriotism.

The truth is, even when things are bad here, we still have it pretty good.  War, for the most part, has not been fought on our soil since the Civil War.  We have freedom to practice religion, criticize the government, and finally to marry whomever we love regardless of sex. Women are not treated as chattel and education is available to everyone, regardless of income.

The Fella is applying for citizenship in October, and has poo-poo’d my multiple suggestions that we move to Israel (his homeland) for awhile before we have kids.  Israel, he says, is a hard place to live, and you need to be hard to live there.  Personally, I love Israel, and it is a perfectly modern society contrary to what some people imagine,  but I know what he means.  Growing up in a country that is bordered on all sides by countries constantly threatening to destroy you can add a bit of anxiety to day to day life.

He loves Israel, but he LOVES America.  This morning he woke me, excited that it was Independence Day, to remind me that when John Adams took over the Presidency from George Washington, it was the first time in the history of mankind that leadership of a nation was changed without bloodshed or because of bloodlines.

I’d never thought of it that way, but for someone who went off to war at 18 (Israelis have mandatory military service, and Roy’s landed him right in the middle of the second Intifada) peace is a big deal.

When I’m disgruntled with politicians, taxes, or policies, I often find myself trying to see things through Roy’s eyes…with all it’s faults, America is a country to be proud of.  We have growing pains, just like any society (and we’re still pretty young) but there is nowhere else I would rather live.

Happy Independence Day!