Room with a View

View from my room.  Not too shabby.

I have been kidnapped.

It’s okay, you don’t have to call the police, I know my assailants (I work for them), and I know where I am (their beautiful summer home on the East End of Long Island). It all started last week, when my boss came in and told my coworker and me that she needed one of us to spend the week in the Hamptons with her.  Since I grew up on Long Island, it seemed pretty obvious that I would go—I already know my way around. I took a small break to run to my house to pick up a change of clothing and some PJs, and I was off only to return four days later for a 36-hour weekend and head back to the summer house.

As far as kidnapping’s go, it’s a pretty one.  I’m fed well, and have a cushy guest room to sleep in.  I suppose I can’t complain.  I do miss The Fella, but if nothing else this is a chance for him to catch up on all the sleep he misses when I’m home (I’m not what you would call a sound sleeper).

The fact that I’m spending my weekdays away from NYC definitely puts a kink in my Fresh Diet delivery,and I’m missing one day a week of TNT group half-marathon training, but I’m working around it.  Luckily my employer keeps a healthy household.

Before I left the house yesterday (Sunday!), I packed a few exercise videos and resistance bands.  I may not have a gym close to me, but I can keep active in my downtime (which there isn’t much of).

This arrangement won’t last long, only a month, but it definitely gave me pause about what I want my July resolutions to be.

I have only one.

My July resolution is to blog.

I miss my blog.  I miss making time each night to use this corner of the Internet of mine as a place to discuss the world and my thoughts about it.

This last year has been rife with changes: writing a book, moving in with the Fella, getting a new job.  In that time this blog has suffered, and I’ve definitely lost a good portion of the devoted readers who came here on a regular basis.  To you Die-Hards, thank you.  I’m resolved to keep this sucker alive and well…and show you a month’s worth of food in the Hamptons.

What are you resolving for July?