Not taking pictures of everything I eat is hard.

You’d think it would be easy to not do something, but after five years of photographing every morsel, meal time seems incomplete.

Still, I think this particular resolution is important right now, because I need to remember what it’s like to eat without pressure: pressure to be thin, pressure to be interesting, pressure to cook pretty things.  Instead, I am focusing solely on nourishing my body, and more importantly my mind.

Instead, I’m taking pictures of the simple things that make me happy.

Things like:






more flowers!

Here’s a simple rule I live by: If someone says “Do you want to take a centerpiece home?”  I say yes.  Because flowers are pretty, and smell good, and are even better when they’re free.

Last week I went to quite a few events with centerpieces, and quite a few centerpieces came home with me.  My apartment smells AMAZING!


I didn’t say I wasn’t taking pictures of any food!

Israeli-style breakfasts really rock my socks.  Even before The Fella came into my life I was smitten with the Israeli habit of eating salad with breakfast.  Can you think of a healthier way to start the day?

For Sunday brunch I channeled The Fella’s homeland and made eggs, cucumber/onion/tomato salad, toast (I didn’t have any pita bread), and a wedge of soft cheese.


It would appear this made him very happy.


Another thing that makes me happy: Curling up in a fuzzy blanket with a good book.
I may be a little late to join the bandwagon, but I might be in love with Neil Gaiman.

Simple stuff kind of rocks.  What are your favorite simple things?