I really am flabbergasted by how amazing ya’ll are.  I’m overwhelmed—in a good way.

While this blog has always been a running diary of my daily adventures in eating and exercising, it is also about having a healthy perspective.  That’s the part I’ve lost, and in order to find my way back to that magical medium in my mind I’ve decided to cut back on the food photos and exercise diary.  I’m not sure what that means, but my promise to you is to try and keep it interesting around here, and my promise to me is to be nice…to myself.

I’m not giving up on photographing food completely, just photographing all of my food.  Like today, today’s food needed photographing, because it was an experiment in mail-order chefdom!

At a party last month I met the founder of Plated, Nick Taranto–he was recently written up in the New York Times Business, Dining & Wine, and Dining & Wine (again) sections.  We were chatting about food blogging,and when I checked my inbox the next day he’d sent me a voucher for two free meals!

I actually bought four meals, so I did pay a bit for this little experiment, but not much, each plate came out to $15.

Since The Fella is out and about tonight, I figured I had the perfect opportunity to experiment in the kitchen—reason being, I ordered fish and chicken entrees and Roy is a vegetarian.  We try to keep the house meat free, but when I do need a meat-based meal I eat it when he’s not around to watch.

So, what was on the menu tonight?

Roasted Salmon with Spring Pea Salad and Potatoes

My box o’food arrived while I was at work, luckily it was well iced and insulated, and still cold when I got home.  A major concern when you’re ordering fresh fish!

Inside where all sorts of baggies labeled by dish with their ingredients.  I took out all of my “Salmon” ingredients and got started.


Armed with a  list of ingredients, equipment, and instructions on how to make each dish (with awesometacular photo guides) I rolled up my sleeves and started cooking.  Basically this experience was like reading a cookbook, only all of the ingredients are perfectly portioned in front of you and there’s little to no prep work.

The recipe itself was really simple and the whole meal was finished in 30 minutes.  The instructions even tell you when to start cooking things, as in “While the salmon cooks, start assembling the salad), ensuring that everything comes out at the same time.

I’m not sure I would want to fork over $15 for a regular at-home dinner on a regular basis, but I could definitely see myself using Plated again when I’m having people over for dinner, wanting to impress them, but not spend all my time in the kitchen.  Also, I really liked the fact that I didn’t have to waste time measuring, all the ingredients were perfectly proportioned inside.






The best part is that I have left overs.

The other best part is that I can keep the recipe card, and now have a new easy dish for fish-eating friends!

Later this week I’ll be testing out a chicken and pasta dish, I’ll keep you posted.