View from my Hotel

As I start this post, I must tell you that I had a certain image of Michigan.  You see, back in my single days I kept finding myself dating men who graduated from the University of Michigan.  I’m not sure how that happened-okay, I am sure, all it takes is a couple of friends and a few Bud Lights and all of a sudden you’re a Wolverine groupie.

I’m no longer single, but I figured there must be something about Michinganders that I’m bizarrely drawn to.

Well let me tell you PEOPLE IN MICHIGAN ARE SO NICE!

Maybe creepy nice.  I mean that in a, I grew up in New York and think that I’m nice, but also expect to be moderately abused by my neighbors on a daily basis.

I stopped at a McDonalds on the way to the studio each morning.  No judgments please, there weren’t too many places open for breakfast on a Saturday at 7am.  On the second day the cashier apologized profusely for not remembering how I take my coffee! And, he came around to make sure everyone was enjoying their meals and refill coffees.

I don’t know about where you live, but McDonalds employees in NYC basically growl at you and then throw some fries in your general direction whether you ordered them or not.

It wasn’t just the folks at MickyD’s, everyone I encountered was really nice.  Like the kind of nice where they ask you how you’re doing, then actually wait for you to respond.

Seriously, if you can’t tell, my mind is blown.

Things that were also a luxury for me…


A king size bed just for me!
I’ve been telling The Fella for months that I just want to check into a hotel by myself for a few days.  This may sound super unromantic, but he gets it.  I am someone who really loves and really needs their alone time, and I think the transition to living alone to living with a significant other has been a lot harder on me.  I slept more in one weekend than I have in the last six-months.  The Fella and I are compatible in many ways, but not in sleep.  He likes to sleep in the middle of the bed, I like to move around a lot.  We don’t fight too often in waking hours, but we seriously battle it out in slumber.


Driving a car!  I think this is a part of most peoples day-to-day that seems like a given.  But I drive a car maybe once a year.  I really miss driving sometimes, but not enough to give up city life, and definitely not enough to drive a car in the city.

BTW, this little Fiat was a adorable, but had a super crappy blind spot.  You know, in case you’re in the market for a compact car.


In case you were wondering what an audiobook recording studio looks like…voila!  Recording the audio for my own book was a really great opportunity.  I’m not sure I could have trusted anyone else with my words…my life. I tried to read it as narrator-y as possible.  Although, I must admit that there are things that are still hard for me to say aloud (hence the writing) and I did get emotional in a few spots.

Hello, my name is Kim and I have emotional breakdowns in front of strangers.

But, if anything I hope that emotion translates to listeners.  I’ve never been a big audiobook listener, I prefer seeing my worlds and creating voices for each character in my head, but I know there are oodles of people who enjoy a good audiobook.

I have a new respect for the genre, it’s tough work reading aloud for eight hours a day.

To top it all off, we finished early.  I wrapped on Sunday afternoon, meaning I won’t be heading back to Michigan this weekend…goodbye King size bed, we were separated too soon.

I’m so thankful to the folks at Brilliance Audio for allowing me this opportunity…and for the downright awesomeness of the people of Michigan.

This book stuff is get REAL.

Do you listen to audio books?