Funny thing about me: I’m most productive (…and functional) when I’m insanely busy.

We all have our quirks, mine is an incessant need to feel overwhelmed.

Lucky for me, I just got a new job, new freelance work, and started working on a new novel in a writing class…and oh yeah, the press push for my book is starting.  Hoorah, consider me stressed.

First, about the job: I can’t tell you what it is because I’ve signed a confidentiality agreement, but I can tell you that I don’t work in an office, but I also don’t work from home.  Yup, that’s my desk floating around in the ether.  Honestly, I just can’t seem to choose between being a freelancer with all the freedom and worry it provides, or working a steady job with no time for myself but a guaranteed pay check and health insurance that doesn’t rival my monthly rent.

A strange thing has happened since starting my new gig: I’ve become so much more productive.  For the past two years I’ve worked from home writing for various publications and working on my book.  Since major book stuff wrapped up I’ve been trying to find the motivation to rule the world and stuff, but have mostly sat around watching Criminal Minds reruns.

When I have all the time in the world, I get absolutely nothing done.

Having responsibility outside of my own living room between the hours of 9am and 6pm each helps me prioritize my free time.  And another thing, I feel more like myself.  Besides these last couple of years I can’t remember a time in my life that I wasn’t burning my candle at both ends, and a return to that pace feels homey and comfortable, like slipping on an old worn-in glove.

This part of my personality is something that has helped me achieve some really amazing things in my lifetime, things that I’m really proud of.  But, there’s a negative side to this part of my personality.  At least once a year I have a complete and utter meltdown when I realize that I am not perfect, have not been elected to supreme fancy-pants ruler of the free and not-so-free world, and really, really need a nap.

I still have quite a few months before I’m ready for a meltdown and need my mom to come tell me that I’m cute when I’m crazy, and would I like a pie?  For now, a tightly packed schedule feels really, really good.

Easy going or addicted to stress, how do you function best in your day-to-day life?



Sunnyside-up eggs with whole grain toast and strawberries



It’s been a long time since I packed my lunch!
Salad with lettuce, beats, craisins, walnuts, tomatoes, and goat cheese

Greek Yogurt


For dinner I went out to Brooklyn to nosh on some Asian-style tapas in honor of my dear friend Sarah’s birth.

photo 1

Pretzel wrapped pork

photo 2

photo 3

Pork, watermelon, and Chow Mein