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My life was forever changed in 2010, that was the year I discovered the BodyMedia band (Here’s my initial review).  You may have seen it on the contestants of Biggest Loser.  It’s an armband that functions as a pedometer, while measuring your heart rate and doing something magical with your sweat (I don’t know what, but it seemed fancy at the time) and calculates your calories burned, level of intensity during exercise, sleep effectiveness, and distance walked each day.

Seriously, since that little bugger walked into my life I have been obsessed with knowing exactly how many calories I burn each day and how many hours I sleep at night.

As it turns out, I’m the world’s least efficient sleeper.

There was only one downside to my magical armband of awesome—it was really, really obvious.I cannot tell you how uncomfortable questions I dodged in the office, at the gym, on line at the grocery store, and just about everywhere else.  It got so annoying that I started wearing it only under the protection of a  bulky sweater—which means no calorie logging in the summer months.

I recently bit the bullet and bought a Fitbit.  The Fitbit is much smaller and hooks on to pockets, bra straps, or belts.  So much easier to hide!  It doesn’t measure anything having to do with my sweat which is kind of disappointing, but a lot easier to clean up.  Basically, the Fitbit tracks intensity of motion and uses some sort of mathematical genius to calculate your calories burned and sleep efficiency.  A feature I really like is that the Fitbit automatically updates to your iPhone or computer and you don’t have to take it off to sync your data.  Also, if you’re trying to lose weight, the site will automatically adjust the number of calories you can eat each day depending on your activity level. Unfortunately, the Fitbit does not tell you how hardcore your workouts are, which is something I really liked on the BodyMedia armband.

While these doohickeys are mostly comparable, there is one more feature that sets them apart: To see and adjust your BodyMedia data you need to pay a subscription fee in addition to your armband.  The Fitbit online dashboard is free.  A savings of $85 a year.

Honestly, I really like both calorie monitors.  Because the BodyMedia touches my skin I somehow imagine that it is more thorough in its data, but the Fitbit is far more convenient for everyday wardrobe choices. If you’re looking to add one of these to your life, you can’t go wrong with either—it just depends on whether or not you’re prepared to assure people that you are not, in fact, a cyborg.


Oh, right, and I ate stuff today…



Whole wheat English muffin with peanut butter


No Lunch!  For shame!  I was really busy. Really, really busy.



I decided to test out Trader Joe’s Corn pasta.
Thoughts: if eaten without sauce you can actually taste the corniness (hehehe, corniness—I’m easily amused). The penne noodles were very delicate; they broke apart easily and stuck together.  But, if you’re aiming to cut back on gluten, or try something new they’re worth a go—they tasted fine topped with sauce.

To top I made a fake ragu using beefless-beef crumbles, zucchini and mushrooms in red sauce.