I had a whole different blog in mind when I woke up this morning. In fact, I’ve had a pretty exciting week—including getting a new job, but good news never feels good when we are reminded that there are truly terrible people in the world.

I really can’t wrap my mind around what happened today in Boston.

Boston has always been a place I have felt safe.  I went to school there, and have honestly feel like Boston has been more of a home to me than my hometown—it’s the place I figured out who I was, where I started my adult life…where I had my first apartment.  I just can’t believe someone would target Boston, beautiful, historical Boston for something so awful.

My heart goes out to the amazing people of Boston, to the runners and the families and spectators who came from all over the world for today’s race.

My thoughts are also with the marathon community.  This has been a hard year for runners, with the New York City marathon being cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy; now this.  Many of the runners today were racing to raise money for charities—running for people who can’t. And I know people will think twice before signing up for a marathon again after this year—I know I had a moment questioning my next phase of race training (which starts next month).  Fear is natural, but if it keeps people from running future races the results will be devastating for so many charities that depend on sporting events like the marathon to fund research, outreach, and community programming.

I will run my race in September, and I won’t take a single second for granted.

And I hope whoever was responsible for today’s attack contracts the Ebola virus.

It seems tacky to post pictures of my food, but that’s my blog, so here’s what I ate.



Trader Joe’s High Fiber Cereal with banana and almond milk



Basically a Greek salad with chickpeas for added protein
Fruit salad