When I was a kid I was pretty sure that being an adult meant doing whatever you wanted all the time—including eating ice cream for breakfast.


I have learned over the years that “doing whatever I want” usually consists of  spending a night on the couch cuddling with a purty Israeli fellow I’m quite fond of.  As it turns out I’m not as exciting an adult as my seven-year old self had once plotted to be. But, heck, I can still have ice cream for breakfast.

I’ve been jonesing for some TLC (a “diet” ice cream chain that The Fella and I are pretty fond of) for weeks now, and last night after a boys night Roy came home with a treat for me.  Unfortunately, his surprise would go unsavored until this morning when I woke up.

Not a bad way to start day, if I say so myself.  I’m going to chalk it up to being “almost like yogurt” and considering this a healthy way to start the day.

In other mundanely exciting news I got my boot off!  Today was my first day in real shoes since breaking my foot six weeks ago.

Guys, I totally forgot how to walk!

Never again will I look at a toddler with superiority in my eyes (what, that’s how roll—silly babies and their lack of basic motor functions!).  Little ones, I know your plight.

It’ll be a few weeks until I’m up and running (literally) again.  I start physical therapy next week to strengthen my foot muscles.  I’m always up for new workout ideas.

In the meantime, I’ve been passing my day rocking out to a very special handicapable-friendly workout on YouTube:

Jessica Smith is one of my favorite fitness gurus (I recommend her “Look Better Naked” DVD to just about everyone all the time).  When I first broke my foot I jokingly Tweeted her to tell her that her next exercise video should be chair-based.  A few days later she sent me a link to a chair-based workout!

How awesome is that! The Internet is a magical place my friends.

This workout is no joke!  I have never hated a hand towel so much, nor been so impressed by it’s versatility.  I haven’t been wearing a heartrate monitor lately, but I most definitely have been sweating my way through this seated workout that incorporates cardio (ahhh, arm bike!) and strength training.  I’ve been hooking up my laptop to my TV and get the full on DVD experience.

Having access to a home workout in my hour of need has definitely helped with my foot-related malaise.

So, if you too are dealing with an injury, or just don’t like standing—check out Jessica’s YouTube Channel or website.  She has a ton of free workouts online (most to be done sans chair).  She also happens to be a great source for fitness advice.

As for food, here’s the latest.



Ice cream



Homemade Hot and Sour Soup



Roasted Brussel sprouts with barely, I added a cube of laughing cow cheese to add some creaminess