Let’s face it, when you hobble into the gym on crutches people are going to stare at you.  So, you may as well look good.

Truth be told, I probably have more spandex pants than anyone over the age of eight should legally be allowed to.  I let myself slide on this, because under normal circumstances I hit the gym for cardio in the morning and strength training in the afternoon.  That’s a lot of gym time to log, and no one wants to sit around in sweaty clothes all day.

Over the years I’ve realized that as cute as Lululemon is, paying $100 bucks for leggings is just ridiculous.  I still have a couple of pairs left from my less cost-conscious days, but my Lulu sprees are over.  I had, up until recently, resigned myself to the fact that trendy gym clothes were a thing of the past.

And then Ellie contacted me and asked if I’d like to try out their new line of fitness wear. Disclaimer, this is my second outfit from Ellie, both of which were given to me for free–having said that, I totally plan on subscribing now!

I chose an open back shirt and bright blue leggings (because I have 9,000 pairs of black leggings).  The Fella really liked the pants because “they look like super hero tights.”


I took my new workout gear to the gym, because it’s silly to review fitness wear from the couch.

I didn’t do traditional cardio (I’m limited to the arm bike and rope pull for now, but the last pair I got from them went running with me and stayed up the whole time without me having to pull them up—this is my test for non-annoying spandex) so I can only review from a strength training perspective.



I felt comfortable, no overheating, and I didn’t feel the need to constantly tug my pants up.  That’s a win!


I really liked the embossed design on the pants.  Because, let’s face it, black pants are flattering but kind of boring  (they have black pants too, you don’t have to go all super hero if you don’t want to).




I really liked the open-back tee, I felt like I could bend over without my tatas hanging out (sports bras create a lot of cleavage, but the gym is not necessarily the place I like to show the girls off), and still show a little skin and be a bit trendy.

I decided to choose an outfit outside my comfort zone this month, but here are some of the outfits I didn’t choose…





Overall, I’m excited about Ellie.  The clothing is American made (I note this because I really try to support companies that create jobs in the US), and relatively affordable and trendy—take that LuLu!

I don’t know about you, but I tend to work harder at the gym when I feel good there.  When I look like I just rolled out of bed I tend to act like I just rolled out of bed.  But, that’s just me.  So, for someone who spends a lot of time at the gym and likes to look half-way decent—this is a nice addition to life.

By far the most affordable way to order from Ellie is via the subscription plan.  It’s kind of like stitchfix (of which I’m also a recent convert) for workout clothes, you take an online quiz and a styles that match your profile are presented, you can pick out two tops, two bottoms, or an entire outfit each month for $49.95—and it’s mailed to you in a pretty padded envelope.  You can also order each piece individually, but that’s more expensive, especially when you can cancel your subscription any time.

Ellie is giving TKC readers 20% off their first order.  Here’s the link to check out their new collection:

Ellie offers women a chic new line in women’s fitness apparel. Save 20% Now.

The March collection is called The Little Black collection, so I’m excited about getting some new chic gear—I’ll let you know how that turns out.


What’s your favorite brand of fitness wear?