Over champagne toasts, and speeches celebrating newly engaged friends of ours last night, The Fella and I were asked over and over again at a party how we met.

We met on the Internet. Surely, this was not how I expected the great romance of my life to initiate, but I’m thankful nonetheless. Once the getting-to-know-you stories were finished, what took place was a barrage of Internet dating war stories. It would seem that we were not alone in our endeavor, and the couples we were chatting with shared their own stories of awkward conversations and all around strange folks. I couldn’t help but think back to all the clichés on dating profiles: beach walking, liking to stay in and go out, loving fun, and not taking oneself too seriously.

Which got me thinking. What’s wrong with taking yourself seriously?

Surely, being able to look at yourself and your life as something worthy of shrewd observation and serious effort does not exclude the possibility of a sense of humor and the loving of fun?

Obviously, this sent me down a dark and winding path of introspection. Perhaps it was the champagne. Perhaps it was the Percocet. Or, perhaps it is the timing in my life. But, whatever it was one of my favorite literary quotes came to mind. I may not always agree with Ayn Rand’s social philosophies, but she is a great writer, and often times spot on about self-actualization.

Learn to value yourself, which means: to fight for your happiness.

~Ayn Rand

That quote pretty much sums up what I think it means to take oneself seriously. A concept I’ve certainly battled for much of my life. There is something about our culture that instills in us, particularly in women, that it is selfish and gluttonous to focus our time and efforts on ourselves, our own happiness, and our own success—whatever that means to each individual.

I have undoubtedly been on the receiving end of that judgment, and I have been the one doling it out. Neither is particularly good for the soul.

One of the reasons I renew my resolutions each month is because I am on a constant quest to be a better version of myself. Sometimes I stumble. Sometimes I achieve things that surprise even me. More often than not, I fall right back into just trying to survive the tide of life.

This month I’m resolving myself to a mantra instead of specific goals.

Take yourself seriously.


What are you resolving for March?