According to my orthopedist, I won’t be running for 2-3 months, which means I won’t be among the crowds of phenomenal women running the Nike Half Marathon in DC. The silver lining is that Team in Training is allowing me to transfer the money I’ve raised fundraising to another season, allowing me to complete my race and have time for my foot to heal properly. I love it when things work out.

I’m going to sign up for the Hamptons Half Marathon in September (which means training over the summer) and while The Hamptons aren’t exactly a cool faraway city for me, they are home. My parents live about 15-minutes from race course, so I’ll be able to share this experience with them. My dad was a serious runner back in the day and I call him after every long run to share the details. He likes to give me advice and tell me about his track star days—running has always been a big bonding thing for us; even if I didn’t inherit his speed.

What I lack for in natural athletic aptitude I make up for in stubborn persistence.

Speaking of stubborn, I’m not really one for bed rest. I hit up the gym today for the first time since my fall. Up until now I’ve been spending a few minutes a day using free weights and doing basic calisthenics on a yoga mat in front of the couch—but I miss sweaty people and cardio. The Fella was amazing, postponing his own workout to hand me weights and pull down the lat pull-down bar for me. He’s my knight in shiny gym shorts.

With a bum foot, I focused my effort on my upper body.

That’s my sexy workout face.

The good thing about the giant boot is that it makes my other foot looks small in comparison (I have ginormous feet for a short girl)

Ohmygoodness! The rope pulling machine is a torture device! So hard, something tells me we’re going to get to know one another really well over the next couple of months.

The arm bike is torture in another sense. So boring, so, so, so boring. But I need to get some cardio in.


As for food, I’ve been craving salad like it’s my job. I’m also hyper aware that my body needs an increase in calcium and protein to produce new bone (a chunk of bone dislodged from the top of my foot, the floater will most likely get reabsorbed by my body, and the empty spot will have to fill in with new bone).

I started off the day with a protein shake.


Almond milk, banana, peanut butter, and chocolate protein powder


If he’s home, The Fella yells at me if I stand up too long, so he’s been taking care of meals. For lunch he made me a super yummy cucumber salad with olives, onion, feta, and oil and vinegar


After my workout I downed a protein pudding pack. They’re high in both calcium and protein—and they taste like dessert, a win-win for my bones, muscles, and tastebuds


For dinner The Fella picked up salad for me at our favorite café. He asked for extra egg and feta to surprise me.

And pasta fagioli soup. Comfort food all around.

I could get used to this being catered to thing.