I’m going to go ahead and not show you a picture of my enormously swollen and discolored foot. Look at these generic crutches instead.

The good news about this weekend is that I completed my longest run yet!

The bad news is that shortly after I fell down the stairs and broke my foot. Weirdly, I broke the top of my foot—how does that happen?

All it took was one misplaced foot and I went tumbling. I sat on the stairs of my apartment building putting on a brave face for a few minutes, so my neighbors wouldn’t think I was the kind of girl who sits on the stairs crying, until I mustered the gumption to hobble upstairs to my apartment where I proceeded to cry until The Fella got home. Once home, he assured me that my foot wasn’t broken, it was most likely a sprain, but I knew something was wrong because I have never in my life felt a pain like this (and I’ve broken my jaw—that hurt). Still, just hearing it wasn’t broken made me feel better and I decided it was time to hop down the stairs on one foot…and let Roy carry me piggy-back to the corner where we caught a cab to drive us to an urgent care center four blocks from our apartment.

I kept apologizing to the cab driver for it being such a short fare.

Once inside the doctor gave me a pain killer, and I started babbling incoherently about my upcoming race and trying to convince him that I would be fine in the morning.

He looked at me like I obviously have a low tolerance for pain meds, and sent me for X-Rays.

Which, as you already know, confirmed that my foot is broken.

Once I got home I immediately emailed my Team-in-Training mentor about changing races, so that all of the donations I’ve raise and training I’ve done wouldn’t be for naught, just postponed, and she offered to make the appropriate arrangements for me.

Huge load off of my mind. Running this race is incredibly important to me…even if it isn’t this race.

After I took my second dose of painkillers I told Roy how handsome he is and asked him if I could still go to the gym. Because my drug induced priorities are apparently very concerned about my biceps. It looks like my next two months will include a lot of rowing machine cardio and upper body strength training. I’ve also learned that my crutches are great exercise when it comes to my mid-back muscles and lats, as well as abs, and my right glute (my left foot is the one that’s broken).

I’ve set up a makeshift home gym with a yoga mat, some free weights and a Swiss ball, so my days on the couch can be intermittently broken up by what I like to refer to as “Hotel Room” exercising: crunches, donkey kicks, Supermans, push-ups (knees only, no foot pressure for me).

If nothing else, this will be an adventure.

When I was a kid I always thought that crutches looked really fun. Crutches are not really fun. Crutches are crappy. Kid-Kim was seriously misinformed.

Now, to put The Fella on breakfast duty…