I am most definitely suffering from a sweet vacation hangover.

While I took photos, I’m not even going to bother posting pictures of EVERYTHING we ate because it was pure chaos!

Cruises are basically an all-you-can eat extravaganza and we took full advantage, and while a good portion of our weekend getaway to nowhere was spent chewing, and sleeping, there were some other highlights:

Separate Beds!

Just kidding, we had them push the twin beds together for cuddling purposes. But we were tempted to sleep solo for a few nights.

Towel animals.
I was obsessed. Every time we came back to the room and there wasn’t an animal carefully constructed out of our linens I was bummed.
Since we’ve been home I’ve been spending a lot of time on YouTube learning this mysterious art for myself.

While the weather outside was absolutely frigid (we were basically cruising down the coast of Long Island), the pools and the hot tubs were heated. We spent quite a few hours swimming in the snow. I think that will be the name of my next book, “Swimming in the Snow”—Harlequin Romance might be interested.

It was that cold.

For our last meal on the ship we tried out the hibachi restaurant. Our chef, Restler, was a true showman.

There were oodles of “activities” that we didn’t partake in…because we were unconscious. I don’t think either of us realized how much we needed a little rest and relaxation until it was thrust upon us. All in all, food, hot tubs, and lots of naps—in my eyes that’s a pretty perfect weekend getaway.

We’re definitely thinking of doing another cruise. Any suggestions?

As for the rest of TODAY…

Now that we’re back from vacation, I’m back to race training. Today was a short run day, so I hit up the West Side Highway running path for a quick 3-mile run. Okay, not that quick. I’m not a particularly speedy runner, but at least I’m dedicated.

It was so windy today that when I was walking home I felt frozen tear drops on my face, from the cold air and my leaky eyes.

Afterward I went home for lunch

I made a big pot of vegetable soup last night…we’ll be eating it all week.
I coupled that with a sprouted grain English muffin with low-fat cottage cheese and sun-dried tomatoes

The Fella and I met up in the afternoon for a little strength training, he focused on his back, I focused on my legs, after a short strength session I spent a good amount of time stretching and utilizing the foam rollers on my oft abused muscles.


We kept dinner lite, because we ate it late. Salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, carrot, feta and kalamata olives