Happy Birthday to my blog!

Today marks the 5th anniversary of this little blog of mine.

If you’re new to my blog, and have wondered what the title was about, well let me tell you: A long, long time ago, in a land far away (Brooklyn) I hosted an online talk show for Elastic Waist, a blog owned by Condé Nast, and in conjunction with SELF Magazine. Well, being completely passive-aggressive in my career plans, I wanted to be seen as more than a video personality—I wanted them to notice me as a writer, but I didn’t have any clips to show them, so I started a blog based on The SELF Challenge. A three-month diet plan run by SELF. Hence the name The KIM Challenge.

My plan worked, I was offered a daily blog column (until Elastic Waist fell victim to the economy and the magazine pulled the plug)and this blog has lived on while I pursued various writing pursuits; writing for magazines, fitness and entertainment blogs, and eventually a book (Due out July 23, 2013).

And, that, my friends is why the name of my blog is The Kim Challenge.

When my initial stint with diet blogging started I expected it to last about as long as the diet. When my three months of magazine dieting were up I stopped writing, but two things happened to change my mind: the first was that people started reaching out to me to say that they really appreciated seeing what “normal” people ate on a regular basis, as opposed to the many extreme suggestions out there. The other, was that I really enjoyed blogging. I enjoyed the community blogging creates, hearing from people all over the world, and over the years getting to know them in the comment section.

Over the years I’ve become friends with many of you; I’ve visited you when I travelled or you’ve visited me on trips to New York, I’ve gone to bachelorette parties, stalked pictures of your adorable offspring on Facebook, or simply thought of you from time to time because you’ve shared stories about yourselves. All of that makes looking like a total creeper, taking photos of everything I eat in some seriously awkward social scenarios, worth it.

Thank you for reading my blog. Whether you’ve been here for five years or five minutes, you’ve made a difference in my life.

Okay, no more sap (but I’m a sappy kinda gal). Recently I’ve been giving some thought to the way I blog. Mainly the timing of my blogs. Back in my single days I had no problem curling up in front of the TV at night and doing a daily recap, these days my nights are usually spent doing some sort of organized activity, or falling asleep on The Fella‘s lap in front of the TV. I keep forgetting to blog. So, I’m going back to my roots, when TKC first started I wrote small blogs multiple times a day. Based on the fact that my days are much more free than my nights, I’m going to give that a shot.

To start, here’s a look at the ole breakfast:


I have discovered how to make the most perfect almond milk latte on Earth. I recently came to own a Breville Electric Milk Frother. In goes the almond milk, which is then heated and frothed. I like to add a bit of sugar-free vanilla syrup, which not only sweetens the coffee but the whole thing tastes like a big batch of whipped cream!
So, I add two shots of Nespresso to a cup of heated and frothed almond milk and my life has never been better.

Seriously, I will never be in a bad mood again. Ever.

I got the idea for today’s breakfast on our cruise (which I’ll write about later). Roasted tomatoes and scrambled egg/whites.

Now, I’m going to let the food settle into a nice cozy part of my colon and head out for a run.

See you later!