Every New Year I create a vision board for my yearly goals. Some of these I’m working toward incrementally, like a veggie based diet, some I’m going gang-busters on—like exercise, and attempting to dress like an adult.

Usually I post my New Month’s Resolutions on the first of the month, but thanks to a Benadryl and a glass of Chardonnay I slept through the first of the month. Looks like February is starting out with a bang!

Usually January is a month for new beginnings, but I still had some straggling old things that needed tending…and a broken big toe that took a wee bit of time to heal. My toe is healed and my schedule is clear, now it’s time to focus on all those shiny new goals.

For starters, I’ve mentioned that I put on a bit of weight over the last year, as I spent my days glued to my computer and taking frequent breaks to eat my feelings (hey, writing a memoir is an emotional undertaking worthy of a few thousand cookies a day). One of my resolutions this month is to start focusing on peeling off some of that weight before my book comes out in July and I have public appearances to make.

In order to initiate operation Hot Author, this month I will:

  • Pre-plan my meals. Whenever I’m looking to lose weight I find meal-planning to be a hugely helpful tool. Sitting down the night before to plot my meals and snacks eliminates all those dangerous moments spent rummaging through the refrigerator and pantry looking for something to sate me. Also, I spend a lot less time thinking about food when I already have a game plan at the ready.
  • Sixty minutes of cardio a day; six days a week. Remember that I work from home, which can sometimes mean never standing up. Taking 60-minutes to cycle/run/or stairclimb will ensure my metabolism at least makes some sort of effort to behave normally.
  • No Carbs after 7pm.  Expect to see a lot of omelets for dinner.

In other non-body related resolutions, in February I will:

  • Book binge! I usually read a book a week, but in the last six months I’ve averaged about a book every two months. It was like there wasn’t enough room in my head for more words. Now I’m back to reading for pleasure.
  • Actually start studying for my personal training certification. I have no excuses now.
  • Start applying to jobby-jobs again. I have an idea about what I want to work on for my next book, but I think I need a break. Now, I’d just like to make some money and get out of the house.

That’s my February. What are you resolving for February?