A couple of weeks ago The Fella and I were out to dinner with one of his childhood friends (from Israel, who also ended up in NYC—don’t ever let anyone tell you it’s not a small world) and his girlfriend (who later that week became his fiancée), and the boys went off on some tangent about how unfair it is that men have to “perform” on Valentine’s Day and that all the pressure is on the guys for date planning, proposals, and yearly V-Day showings of love and affection.

I think that’s bullsh-t.

Just sayin’.

I have never IN MY LIFE expected a man to do anything for me that I didn’t expect myself to do for him. I have always paid my own way on dates, pulled my own weight in regard to romantic gestures, and been generally low maintenance on the expectation front. I’ll take a night on the couch cuddling in front of a movie over overpriced drinks any day.

TF says I’m an exception to the rule, but I don’t think so. I think men just like to feel put upon and sorry for themselves, but secretly enjoy when a romantic gesture works out—because who doesn’t? The generations have changed and, in my humble opinion, women take on just as much relationship responsibility (fiscal and otherwise) as men. I know this, not just from my own personal stance, but from looking around at my friends. I know very few women who expect to be paid for by their guy—perhaps that has to do with who I like to hang out with, but I don’t think so. On the flip-side many of my guy friends take on far more domestic duties than the generations before them. Basically, we’re all evolving and creating partnerships that are actually equal. Go figure!

Meanwhile, after hearing this testosterone fueled rant I told The Fella that he was hereby ordered to take this Valentine’s Day off, and I would show him how it’s done.

Since he reads my blog I won’t tell you all the juicy details yet, but it’s a good one. Let’s just say I have raised the bar.

I even offered to propose to The Fella, but he said he wants to be the one to do it. This brings me back to my theory that guys like to complain, but they secretly love it.

Coupled or no, do you expect your partner to take the lead in romantic gestures? Pay for dates? Or are you Even Stevens?

Male readers (I know you’re out there) what are your thoughts on romantic responsibility?


Kashi with banana and almond milk


Scrambled egg whites with broccoli and tomatoes
TJ’s reduced carb tortillas


Inspired by an article I read in the New York Times YEARS ago, I decided to make dinner in my rice cooker. I started by cooking the rice, and when it was almost done I sprinkled in some sesame oil, then added eggs to poach in the rice. On the stove I sautéed some spinach. When all was done I topped with soy sauce and TJ’s Wasabi Seaweed Snacks. Yum!

Exercise: Training run (not sure about the mileage, but it was about an hour). Tonight’s focus was hills, so I’m pretty sure my quads and calves are going to hate me tomorrow.