Today marks the end of era. As most of you know, much of my life during the past year (actually this week marks exactly a year) has been spent working on my memoir. I sent the entire manuscript to my editor back in August, and since then we’ve made changes and tweaks until we felt it was a just right. About a month ago my manuscript was sent to a copyeditor for fact checking and grammatical spiffying, and I lived in a sort of non-writing bliss. Last Tuesday my break from authoring ended, when my editor sent me the corrected version of my book with the instructions to approve or deny the changes.

Well, I spent the last week pouring over each word very slowly. I will admit that I am not the most methodical of proofreaders, but I knew that this was important. This homework assignment was the last time I’d be able to change my book. It was also the first time I read my book after taking a break from it for a while, which definitely helped with the objectivity quotient. Today, around 4pm I finished. I finished my book. All the writing, all the edits, all the acknowledgements. My book is done. And, well, I actually like it.

I’m going to take a couple of days off from it, read it one last time, and then send it off so that it can be designed and printed and sent out into the world for reading.

This process has been the absolute hardest thing I’ve ever done, and now that it’s over I know that it was worth it. Even if no one reads it, even if everyone in the world hates it. I did something hard, something that scared me, and I’m prouder of myself than I ever thought I could be.

Now, remember I wrote that, and remind me this summer when the book comes out and I freak out and refuse to leave my bathroom.

Now, time to figure out the rest of my life.

What are you most proud of yourself for?

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Scrambled egg whites and savory oats. Nothing like a healthy dose of garlic powder in the morning! Keeps the vampires away.


Fake franks and beans. Every once in a while I have a craving for something I stopped eating in elementary school. Once upon a time I ate franks and beans on a regular basis, but in the last 20-years I can’t think of a single time the idea of hot dogs and beans seemed like a delicious idea. Cut to today when I cut up some veggie dogs and cooked them up in Trader Joe’s Fat-Free Baked Beans. Expect another craving like this around the time I turn 50.


Please forgive me as I try to figure out good picture lighting at our dining table in the PM. To end the day we had some brightly lit shakshoukah and salad.

Exercise: Accidental rest day. I opted for a 20-minute catnap and slept right through my scheduled Zumba class two hours later. Hrmph.