I learned something about my running self this weekend during my long run. I am one of those people that needs a good three to four miles to warm up. I used to hear people say they did a 3, 4, 5 mile warm-up before a race and think, “Why are you wasting the running?!”

Now, I’m not saying that come race day I’m going to go for a morning jog before I get to the starting line. I will warm up while I’m racing, but it was on a 6.5 mile run this weekend that I realized that I only hate running for the first three miles, something happens after miles 3/4 that is kind of magical. My strides become longer, my shoulders stop clenching, my pace picks up, and my breathing becomes much less labored. Some would call this a second wind, but I’m pretty sure it’s my first wind. I haven’t run long enough yet to get to a second wind.

This revelation is somewhat bittersweet. For starters I realize I will never run a 5k I don’t hate, but I do know now that there is a reprieve from the cyclical cursing that dominates my thoughts for the first 30 minutes of each run.


I’m starting to get used to these cold weather runs.

Here are some other weekend highlights…

Ceremonial sorting of 2012 financial documents. One of the few downsides to freelancing is the obscene amount of paperwork that must stored for tax time.
Smoothie not required, but recommended.

Also, I realize that the fact that this is part of my “what makes me happy” list is somewhat lame. Organization really gets me fired up! You should see me at The Container Store–it’s like Disneyland with more potential label maker fun.

I had rehearsal for my upcoming performance with The Story Collider. There some amazing stories about science coming to Union Hall in Brooklyn this Tuesday.
If you’re in NYC and curious to hear what I sound like, or what my book is about, come check out this great story telling show.

But the thing I’m most excited about is that I’ve doubled my fundraising for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in the past few days. Thanks to all of you who have donated! I’m so excited to give away that Coach bag. You still have a week left to enter the raffle!


What’s making you happy this weekend?