True Story: When I was in first grade I watched a movie-of-the-week about a nude model (although in retrospect I’m thinking she was probably a bit more than a model) who by the end of the movie died of a drug overdose and was abused by boatloads of misogynistic men with halfway unbuttoned shirts and flowy chest hair. I don’t think I quite grasped the moral of the story, what I left that particular movie-of-the-week watching experience sure of was that the nude model was pretty and I wanted to be just like her.

Look, I was six, okay. My priorities weren’t all that evolved.

After that, and much to my parents chagrin, I proceeded to tell anyone who would listen that I wanted to be a nude model when I grew up. My grandparents were especially excited to hear this revelation.

That phase lasted about a year, and then I went back to wanting to mother seven children, be a veterinarian/actress, and Miss America.

Fast-forward 24 years and cleavage is still a topic of regular conversation in my life. The Fella would like to see more of it, I think turtlenecks are hot.

See, people do evolve.

Anyhoo, a few months ago I decided that my 6-year old self might have been on to something. Being sexy might be fun—and I like fun, and am on a constant quest to create more of it in my life. On a whim I decided to book myself a boudoir photo shoot. Then Hurricane Sandy happened, then I had a whole bunch of book re-writes to do, and I kept postponing my shoot until my schedule finally opened up enough for me to not feel guilty about spending an entire day traipsing around in my undies in front of strangers.

As the shoot day approached I started to feel slightly less confident about my decision. I am not the kind of girl who feels sexy in lingerie, I am the kind of girl who puts lingerie on and laughs at the impracticality of tiny clothes. But, as soon as I walked through the door and met the amazing team at Yellow Brick Collective I was immediately set at ease. The team consists of Agnes, the photographer; Ary, the stylist; and Natalia, the makeup artist. It was really like hanging out with a bunch of friends I’d known forever.

I’m pretty sure I’ve never, in the entirety of my life, felt soooo sexy. And, so comfortable in that sexuality. I’ve always considered myself more of the cute girl next door type, but I have to admit playing the vixen feels pretty good.

I spent the afternoon getting the full celebrity treatment, with hair, makeup, and wardrobe changes. When it came to the actual shooting, Agnes did an amazing job of directing each shot in a way that set a mood for the shots to come, so that I could just do what felt naturally. When it came to clothes, Ary chose things that were sexy, but not crazy revealing because that’s not my style. AND, I cannot tell you how important the hair and makeup Natalia did was. When I was acting regularly, I always felt like I never quite got in character until I had a costume. Same thing with makeup, there’s something about looking the part that really brings it all together.

When I left I realized that photo shoot makeup and 4pm on a normal day makeup are not one and the same. The waitress who served me lunch couldn’t even look at me with my fake eyelashes, smoky eyes, and pouty lips. At one point ran back to the other servers to talk about me—there were stares and pointing. I’m pretty sure they were deciding whether or not I was a “nude model.”

Yes, there are sexier pics than this. No, I will not be putting body shots of me wearing lingerie on the Internet. I do have a father and I would like for his heart to remain beating.

But even after being mocked by the waitstaff, I’m glad I didn’t wash my face before heading home because The Fella was psyched when he got home.

I highly recommend this experience to anyone. I think that we all deserve to feel like sex kittens every once in a while. I really think this was an experience I needed to have, because you know, I’m not a girl next door anymore…I’m a grown woman.

Boudoir photography is becoming really popular, and if you live near a major city you probably have quite a few choices (of course I would definitely check reviews before heading somewhere to hang out in your skivvies). If you’re in the NYC area I definitely recommend Yellow Brick Collective. They’re total pros, while also being wholly warm and inviting. This post wasn’t sponsored by YBC, I paid for my shoot, but I think they provide a great service and I like to pass these things on. I know they’re currently having a Valentine’s Day Sale (which you can get details for on their Facebook Page)—which could be quite the present for yourself or your honey.

And now for your regularly schedule healthy living blogging.

I ate stuff today, here’s what it was:


English muffin with scrambled eggs, tahini, and s’chug (hot chili paste)


Veggie burger with Portobello mushroom and side salad
And coffee…because coffee makes up 78% of my body.


I like to press my tofu with a wee bit of culture. Art and language books really boost the flavor.

Brocolli and tofu “baked” stir fry over brown rice

Exercise: 6-mile run, 1 hour on the spin bike in front of the TV.