Hey Kim Challengers,

As you know I’ve been working hard training for my half-marathon, but I’m still sluggish in the fundraising department. I feel awkward asking ya’ll for money without giving you something in return, so I’m raffling off a beautiful *Brand New* Coach Bag (Ashley Leather Swingpack, Retail value $168.00).

You can win this bag for as little as $5.00, or you can up your chances by buying multiple entries. A donation of $25 will get you 6 entries, $50 will get you 15 entries. Plus, you know, even if you don’t win you’ll be doing something really great to help those battling cancer…and you’ll get a tax deduction to boot!

How will this work?

You: Make a donation to my Team-in-Training fundraising page (Link: http://pages.teamintraining.org/nyc/nikewhlf13/kimberlyraemiller). Then email me at kim(at)thekimchallenge.com to let me know.

I: Will confirm your donation on my page and enter your name and number of entries into an Excel spreadsheet in numerical order, then on Saturday, February 2nd I’ll use the random number generator to choose a winner and announce who the lucky purse-grabber is.

We: Feel really good about ourselves because we’re curing cancer.

Easy. Peasy. Stylish. And Do-good-y all in one shot. What could be better than that!


PS-This post is not sponsored by Team in Training or Coach. I purchased the above bag on my own because I like you and I like charity.

PPS-If you could reblog, Tweet or FB this I’d be super appreciative.  I’d love to get the word out about this great cause.