I’m incredibly flattered and grateful to have been nominated as one of the Top Health and Fitness Blog of 2013. 

Christy and Mike at Leap Fitness have put together a list of 100 fantastic fitness blogs. Which I definitely recommend you checking out; you may discover a new blog that you’ll love incorporating into your daily reading list.

There’s also a voting aspect, and I’d love your VOTE (The Kim Challenge is ranking in the mid-30s as I write this). While you’re there you can vote for some of your other favorite bloggers. Honestly, I’m quite humbled to share a list with some of these blogging greats.

Warning: There’s a negative voting aspect that I think is unnecessary, whether or not you read a blog the person who writes it puts a lot of time and love into it, and as far as I’m concerned deserves oodles of kudos.


What are some of your favorite healthy living blogs?