You know what’s awkward?

Sitting around the gym waiting for a class to start. I always feel like I should be doing something productive, or the other people at the gym will think that I just come to the gym to watch them workout.

You know what’s rocking my socks these days?

Crunch recently revamped their website, allowing members to register for classes online. No more will I arrive at the gym a half-hour early to ensure a spot in class, rendering me a creepy lurker until class starts. Thank you Crunch!

What else rocked my weekend?

A grown-up couples slumber party!

Complete with carbalicious dinner…

A plethora of frozen margaritas

A not-so roaring fire!

Drunken Wii Karaoke… (err, I did not get that perfect score.  The words moved too fast for my rum-idled mind)

And Sunday brunch at Good Enough to Eat (the most crazy busy brunch spot in the Upper West Side) complete with mind blowingly awesome strawberry butter.

What’s Rocking Your Weekend?