There are people in this world who look amazing contorting their bodies while donning skin-tight leggings and tank tops, and for whom remembering to breathe in through ones nose while stretching is not an epic feat worthy of the highest accolades. I’m not one of those people. I don’t aspire to be. I show up to yoga class well aware that I am not bendy. I am not graceful. Bow pose is akin to waterboarding on my list of things I love doing. But, in the end, I show up, tuck myself into the most corneriest of corners, and fight with my muscles to get them to unfurl themselves.

I’ve found that yoga has become more important than ever to my fitness regime since starting my half-marathon training. There’s something about the combination of cold and running that tightens my body up in a way that only a yoga class, as spastic and pained as I look doing it, can help me loosen to functional levels again.

There was a time when I went to a regular Monday night yoga class at a super-duper pricy yoga studio. In those days I clad myself in head-to-toe Lululemon, listened for nuggets of meaning in the stories my instructor would tell about the meaning of each pose, and practiced the lengthy chant recited at the beginning and end of class while I was at home so I looked like I had been a yogi for years when new people popped into class. These days I’m going to yoga classes at my gym, because $20 a class is a wee bit inexcusable for my budget. I’m still wearing my Lululemon pants, but they’re pilled from years of washing (I can’t believe I thought it was a good idea to spend $90 on spandex!). The yoga studio at my gym is separated from the baby-sitting area by a thin glass wall, and a shabby curtain. In a strange way, this makeshift style yoga kind of fits where my life is right now. I now see yoga as a functional practice to keep me on track in other endeavors. I’ve stopped trying to impress anyone, or pretend I’m anyone I’m not. I’m not bendy. I’m not graceful. And, oh lord do I hate bow pose…but it really does stretch out my quads after my long run days. Plus, I kinda think it’s funny hearing kids screaming during Savasana.


Whole wheat English muffin with tofu cream cheese and strawberry preserves


The Fella and I met up with my cousins who were in town to see a show. We ate at Junior’s Cheesecake, where everything is super-sized.

When Roy and I ordered the potato pancakes we thought they would be normal sized potato pancakes—you know, like the size of a palm. These guys were the size of the plate. Not that I’m complaining. I do love me some carbs.

Followed by a salad chaser


Trader Joe’s has a pretty tasty tofurky in a box with stuffing and mushroom gravy.

Exercise: Obviously tonight was a yoga night.