If how I spent my 30th birthday is in any way indicative of how the next decade of my life will go, bring it on.

Clad in spandex and sneakers, The Fella and I made our way to Chelsea Piers early yesterday morning. Our location wasn’t enough of a hint to help me figure out what we were doing, Chelsea Piers is home to boat tours, a bowling alley, golf, indoor soccer fields, among other things. We ended up at the Field House Gymnasium. The Fella had arranged for a 2-hour private gymnastics class for the two of us.

My initial thought was that I was going to break something (we’ll get to that later), but also that I have a pretty great, silly, special guy in my life.

Our instructor for the day, Randy, was fantastic and basically gave us the lil kid special—all fun, not too much challenging work. Let’s just say I haven’t been on a balance beam in about 24 years and I wanted to keep it that way.

There was…

Trampoline jumping

A lot of time spent in the foam pit

This was supposed to be a flip, it turned out be a belly flop.

Then there was blood shed. This was the “super bouncy” trampoline. It was made from pretty course metal mesh.

So, when I landed wrong, I skinned my big toe—and ruined my pedicure.

I’m relatively sure, I sprained or created a hairline fracture, which certainly put a damper on shoe wearing for the rest of the day. I am, without fail, the klutziest person on the whole planet.

No matter, my boyfriend paid for fun, and fun I would have!


Tarzan swings. Roy makes it all look so good. I make it all look like I’m going to pass out and die.

Randy is a show off.

My handstands were more like swinging myself over the big foam log thingy

Winter Olympics 2016!

I ended my birthday adventure on the rock wall.

Roy ended on the rings

Afterward we went to my favorite diner in NYC for a free birthday lunch.

Banana Foster Milk Shake (calories don’t count on your birthday—it’s in the Constitution)

Grilled cheese! Another thing I never-ever eat!

After all that excitement (and sugar) we went home for a bit and took a nap. Yes, I’m aware that makes me the lamest.

When we woke up I realized that my foot had swelled to the size of a shoebox and my toe was still really hurting and probably injured so I told Roy to cancel our reservations at the super fancy-shmancy vegan restaurant he had picked out. We opted for a place closer to home that would only be a $5 cab ride. Boy, am I glad we did. The food was delicious and the sangria was complimentary.

I wasn’t looking that seductively at Roy, I was looking at the giant glass of sangria coming my way.

Roy was less interested in his sangria…silly boy.

We split a vegetarian appetizer plate (that’s big enough to feed 27 people)


And mushroom paella

I was too full for birthday cake, so we just went home and cuddled. Injury and all it was a perfect 30th birthday 😉