Get ready for an anecdote from the past: My high school kickline coach gave out superlative awards at the end of the year. Most people got silly nicknames, my best friend got the award for getting mono. Mine was for always giving 100%. That’s not bragging, what I’m trying to tell you here is that I’m an all or nothing personality. I go hard, or I sit on my couch watching Veronica Mars re-runs while eating jars of olives.

Currently, however, I’m experimenting with a new concept. Maybe you’ve heard about it, it’s called moderation.

It’s kind of a complicated theory; moderation consists of neither going all out nor fusing ones behind with the fabric of a recliner. My stinky hip coupled with an impending race has me thinking a lot about moderation. After a few days of moderate cross-training, and a failed attempt to run in the park a few nights ago, I decided to hop on the treadmill tonight to do my scheduled 3-miles. Instead of choosing a pace that would make me simultaneously curse and make grunting noises while giving dirty looks to other treadmill occupiers that did not seem to share my strife (like ya do), I chose a slow jog. Those three miles took FOREVER, but my hip didn’t hurt until a few hours after I finished. Here’s another thing—I didn’t hate running. I mean I was bored because I was staring at a brick wall, but I wasn’t counting down the minutes until I could end my earthly toil either. Go figure. Not a total victory, but a minor one that means that hopefully with enough care and rest days I can keep some semblance of race training.

I’m taking tomorrow off to ice my hip and wear sweatpants around the house, but Saturday morning is my long run. Fingers crossed I can make it. In the meantime, how’s everyone’s holiday shopping going? Been done since May or Hitting up the mall Sunday night?


Whole grain toast with peanut butter and jelly (strawberry)


Veggie burger and roasted cauliflower

Post Workout Snack

Date with Sunbutter


Eggplant, chickpeas, and seitan curry over brown rice

Exercise: 3 mile run