Before I write anything else, let it be known that the Yule Log is available on streaming Netflix! Life just got 20% more fantastic.


I’m on day three of my pre-holiday juice cleanse. So far this cleanse has been easy-peasy; four juices a day and a sensible dinner. It’s like an old Slimfast commercial minus the Slimfast. When I went to pick up my next two days of juice at Liquiteria this morning the place was PACKED! I guess I’m not the only one detoxing through the holidays.

The extremely well versed guy who packaged my juices up asked me how my stomach was doing (fine), if I was having any discomfort (nope. No sharting here), and what my goals were. When I told him I was trying to put the kibosh on my constant sugar cravings and get back into sync with my hunger cues he said that I’d probably achieve all of that in six days, and I could keep going for a deeper cleanse, but that I might want to take my next six-days of full on juice cleansing and turn them into two three day cleanses to have over the next few months to continue to keep those goals in check.

That’s certainly a thought. I’m kind of enjoying the cleanse, but I could definitely see myself getting bored with it by Saturday. I’m going to see how I’m feeling come the weekend and decide if I want to spread the juicing over January and February or get it all out of the way now.

Last night “dinner” was the buffet of a holiday party. I sipped sparkling water instead of wine and stuck mostly to the veggie plates, a small amount of cheese, and some gluten-free crackers. I tasted some of The Fella’s dessert, but they didn’t do it for me—hopefully that means this little experiment is working for me.

I’m not going to bore you with more pictures of juice, same juice different day, but I have to say I really like the fact that there’s some chewing involved in this cleanse. I haven’t felt any dips in energy and I’ve been able to keep up with my gym and running schedule. All good things.

Breakfast, Lunch, and In Between

Yeah, you know…


Whole wheat couscous , with spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, and chicken-less chicken
Mashed acorn squash

Exercise: 3.2 mile run