Yesterday was my first group training run for Team-in-Training. I was a bit trepidatious about the whole thing, seeing as how it has been quite a while since I left the comfort of the treadmill and ran outside for any considerable distance. Lucky for me, we didn’t run a considerable distance; the run itself was slightly less than 2-miles. The goal of this particular group run was to get to know our teammates and get a feel for running.

The socializing aspect of these runs are great.  I spent most of the run talking (read: panting) with a girl who had just moved to New York and was doing TNT as a way of meeting people.  Next week my team is going out for brunch.  There’s nothing like a stack of pancakes to motivate me to get to practice.

The runners range from marathon pros to novices who have never run before. I like to hang with the novices. I’ve run a few 5ks in my day, but I would probably crap my pants if I had to hang out with people who run marathons for fun on a regular basis. What would we talk about?

Slow and scared, those are my kind of people.

What I really liked about the vibe of the training session was that it was an anything goes atmosphere. While my “go-to” coach is a marathoner, there are a whole bunch of coaches hanging around who are walk-run coaches and walk coaches, meaning if you’re feeling a bit weak in the knees (or hips in my case) you can fall back and hang with them without judgment.

I went to my handy-dandy live-in personal trainer to discuss what the next few months will look like training wise. I’ll be upping my cardio considerably, but want to be careful not to over train, so I’m going to change my strength training schedule around a bit. For the next few months I’m aiming for a schedule that looks something like this: 3- days of running, 2-days of cross training cardio, 2-strength training sessions, and yoga once a week. That seems like a lot of days, but many of those workouts will happen on the same day, I’m aiming for 2 days off a week.

Today is a yoga day, I recently received some new Yogatastic DVDs in the mail. I’ll let you know how they turn out.

Here’s the planned schedule for this week:

Sunday: Element Intro to Yoga DVD
Monday: Rest Day
Tuesday: Training Run
Wednesday: Strength Training/Spin Class
Thursday: Run
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: Training Run/Strength Train
Sunday: Cardio TBD/Yoga


Whole Wheat English muffin with Sunbutter and TJ’s Cranberry Apple Butter (really good!)
Coffee w/soy milk


TJ’s chicken-less orange chicken with broccoli and brown rice


We had company over to celebrate the first night of Hanukkah (Happy Hanukkah if you celebrate!)

This looks bigger than it was! I kept it simple with a salad and whole wheat pasta with a faux meat sauce with spinach