With the holidays rolling in I figured I might share with you some of the newest additions to my life that I love and have now decided I can’t live without. The idea behind this post is that it may inspire you to buy these doodads for the people you love, but I won’t tell anyone if you buy them for yourself. They’re pretty awesome.

I love my SodaStream!
My parents sent The Fella and I SodaStream as a housewarming present. We’re totally obsessed with it now. I know that soda is not good for you, diet or regular, it’s a dietary evil. I don’t care, a girl can’t be completely vice-less and I don’t see myself giving up carbonated beverages anytime in the near future. One of the things I like most about this magical doohickey is the decrease in waste. My set came with four bottles (2-1 liter, 2 half-liter), and they’re reusable. This significantly cuts back on our plastic waste. Another perk: the regular sodas are made with real sugar and are only 35-calories per serving. I still stick with diet, and there are quite a few diet flavors to choose from, but I know a few folks that just can’t stand diet soda. The regular cola flavor tastes just like Coke and is a fraction of the calories.

I’m utterly addicted to the Nespresso coffee I make it in my Nespresso U machine. If you’re going to buy this bad boy, I’m going to suggest you buy it for a roommate, parent, or significant other so that you can enjoy it too. This is not a cheap gift, the machine costs about $200 and the pods go for about $0.60 each, but it has significantly cut back on my Starbucks budget. Sixty cents is still less than the $4 my soy latte costs me at S’bucks. Every morning I have a guaranteed amazing cup of coffee, and let’s just say that makes me a much nicer person. PS-If you’re getting married soon, you should definitely register for this sucker.

And now for something relatively affordable. I’m all for insourcing spa stuff. Why pay someone to clean out my pores, when I can give myself a facial at home. The Conair Facial Sauna System goes for about $20 at Walmart and comes with steamer attachments for facials (wide cone) and nasal relief (narrow calendar), there’s also a handy dandy exfoliator—every bit as good as the ones being advertised now for hundreds of bucks. I like to start out by washing my face with a gentle cleanser, exfoliating with an exfoliating cleanser, and then steaming for 15 minutes. Afterward I do a mask or just clean out any visibly clogged pores by hand. Then I use a toner and finish up by applying moisturizer, rubbing it in with the sponge attachment for the swirly-tool-thingy.

I have the moderately too expensive Sephora gelshine™ At-Home Gel Colour System ($159), but you can get home gel manicure kits way cheaper on Amazon. Despite the fact that I paid too much for this jobby, I still love being able to do gel manicures at home–I justify the money spent with the fact that I made up the cost of the machine in just a few mani/pedis. I will say that the home gel looks just as good and lasts just as long as the manicures I get for a bajillion dollars at local nail salons.


As far as home luxury items go, that’s about it for me. If nothing else, this post has made me realize that I apparently don’t like to go outside very often. Hmm. One girl’s money-saving is another girl’s hermit.

Have you discovered any must-haves this year?