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The end is upon us. [Cue foreboding organ music]

If the Mayans are correct, we’ve got another week and a half left on the planet. If, however, they end up being wrong there’s a lot of life left and that means onward and goalward.

The last 11-months have been all sorts of mentally and emotionally exhausting; a true lesson in be careful what you wish for. I’ve decided to take December easy on the personal goals and resign myself to wrapping up loose ends.

In December I will:

  • Finish any remaining book edits.
  • Make the new a live website. If you go to my personal/professional website now there are filler images up, but this doesn’t reflect what the new site will look like. I’ve spent the last few months going back and for with my web designer to work on and approve new design elements and content. I’m hoping to have this live before January 1, 2013.
  • Work out a study/testing schedule for the ACSM personal training certification.
  • Pay attention to why I’m eating. In general I’m a scheduled eater; I eat three meals a day at regular times. I’ve tried for years to implement the five-small meal a day philosophy, but I can never remember to eat snacks or feel hunger at the appropriate times. Having said all that, the last few months have screwed up my hunger cues in a major way, and while I’m not going to worry about “dieting” I do want to pay attention to why I’m rummaging through the refrigerator. Am I hungry, anxious, or looking for a distraction?

This year has been an incredible journey for me, and as I ease out of it I want to make sure I’ve given each element a solid last effort before sending it on its way.

What are you resolving for December?