With 2012 nearing its end I’ve been thinking a lot about how I fared on my 2012 New Year’s Resolutions.

There were some biggies that I accomplished, like selling my book and getting out of debt.

There were some personal goals that I did okay on, like steering clear of gossip. Sometimes it’s hard to know the difference between gossiping and general chit-chat, but this resolution has made me much more mindful of conversations that have negative connotations in regard to others.

2012 wasn’t all successful. I flat out failed at seeing my abs. Ha! My abs are so much further away from the surface than they were when I started this year. I blame book writing—I really ate my way through this experience. I also didn’t do very well with going gluten-free. In moving in with The Fella I upped my intake of veggie meats, most of which are made from vital wheat gluten. While I know there are some people who can successfully balance a vegetarian and gluten-free household, I didn’t have the wherewithal to restrict my eating on both fronts and since Roy is a vegetarian and we share our groceries, veggie food took precedence. I still think I’m sensitive to gluten, but sensitive isn’t allergic, and since I can live with the stuff I shall for the foreseeable future.

And then there’s becoming a personal trainer. That has been a goal of mine for many years, and now that my schedule looks like it’s lightening up I’ve stocked up on certification study materials. I even have a few potential clients in the works. If that’s not a motivator to plant my nose in the books I don’t know what is. While this goal will obviously bleed into 2013 I still say getting the ball in motion during the 2012 calendar year counts as successful.

The biggest disappointment of all though was that I didn’t learn how to ride a bike this year. Sigh, one day…

How have you done with your 2012 resolutions?



Bran flakes with banana and almond milk


No picture. I downed for a Peanut Butter Cliff Bar after the gym in between errands.


It was a leftover extravaganza. Leftover veggie soup, leftover pasta and tabouli salads, and a couple of soy dogs thrown in for protein

Exercise: I’m working on upping my cardio in preparation for half-marathon training, so I did an hour of alternating runs and incline walks on the treadmill