Don’t tell anyone, but I think my foodthusiasm is rubbing off on The Fella.

We wandered into TJ Maxx last night, and while his first stop was the men’s clothing department, mine is always the kitchen doodads. Screw skirts, give me spatulas!

Since there was nothing worth buying in the suit jacket area, Roy came to find me drooling over Dutch ovens. “Like farting under the blanket?” was his response upon hearing the name of the cast iron object of my affection. Well played, Fella. I shooed him away so I could say my goodbyes, and once I successfully pried myself away from the pots and pans I found him doing some drooling of his own.

A giant bag of rainbow fusilli in his hand, “It’s so pretty.”

If my man wants pretty pasta, well then pretty pasta he shall have. Truth be told he’s not a big carb eater in general so I considered this bargain semolina splurge akin to buying a pint of ice cream—completely unheard of when you live with an exercise physiologist/trainer. On the walk home, spoils of shopping in hand, we decided that our new pasta was far too pretty to pour a jar of sauce on.

I woke up early this morning to cook the pasta. While it cooked I pureed some garlic and dissolved it in olive oil. When the pasta was successfully cooked and drained I tossed it in the garlic oil with some fresh baby spinach (while it was still hot so the heat from the pasta would wilt the spinach). When the pasta cooled to room temperature I added some shredded carrot, mini heirloom tomatoes, black olives, and a bunch of fat-free feta that has been in the back of our fridge for far too long. Seasoned with salt and pepper and voilà, pretty pasta for my generally carb-free boyfriend.

We had pasta salad and Gardein Chili-Lime Chick’n Fingers for dinner.

If he’s psyched about pasta, just wait till he sees what I got him for Hanukkah 😉

Exercise: 45-min spin class