When I went to bed last night (after my third Thanksgiving dinner in four days) I swore to myself that I would never eat again, because I couldn’t imagine ever being hungry again.

Obviously when I woke up seven hours later the first thing I did was hit the kitchen and whip up some breakfast. Resolutions made in pajamas don’t count.

I know this feeling fairly well. Every year around this time I settle into that not-so-fit feeling. I simultaneously divide my time between loose fitting sweat pants and snugly fitting holiday cocktail dresses. The two are a match made in Spanx. I’m not going to delude myself into believing that I’m somehow going to skip the Latkes, Christmas parties, and eggnog in lieu of the gym this year. That’s a pep talk that has been tried and proven to fail. This year I’m just going to aim for not feeling gross, keeping between-festivity meals relatively healthy, and going to the gym when I can, and walking a few extra blocks when I can’t.

If I can get to January 1st without another “I’ll never eat again” moment I’ll consider this a successful holiday season. That and, you know peace and love and hot cocoa for my fellow man.

How do you keep things healthy during the holiday season?

Pumpkin oatmeal


The Fella and I grabbed lunch at Chipotle. I munched on tacos with brown rice, black beans, peppers and guac.
I would eat pretty much anything if there was mashed up avocado on top.


Veggie soup, made of the remnants of our produce bin (you’d never know those carrots were all dried out and chalky looking before the broth plumped them up)

I bought a “grain loaf” on my last grocery run. It looks fun, but tasted pretty craptacular. The Fella said it reminded him of army food or more specifically like “Veggie Spam.”