It has already been established that I run, but that I am not a runner.

So, why in the world did I sign up for a half-marathon?

The answer is easy: I’m turning 30. Okay, maybe the answer is short, not easy. Nothing about running a half-marathon is easy. And nothing about why I signed up for a half-marathon is easy…or short.

Next month, if the world doesn’t end as per the prophesies of the Mayans, I will leave my 20s behind and enter my 30s. Every year for my birthday I request that friends and family make donations to a charity I’m crushing on instead of gifts. Some folks listen, some folks don’t. I don’t exactly hate presents, but I also don’t need anything while there most certainly are people in this world that truly are in need.

Thirty is a pretty milestone birthday. I’ve heard a mixed-bag of reactions to turning the big 3-0, some friends took it pretty hard, some weren’t fazed by it at all, and some considered it stamp of authenticity on their adulthood. I’m somewhere between all of that. As far as accomplishments go, I feel like I can be proud of the things I’ve done and the ways I’ve grown in my twenties. That still doesn’t mean it doesn’t feel weird to consider myself someone who will very shortly be in her thirties.  There are certainly things I would like to focus on as I go forward in the time continuum, but in many ways they are different from the things I wanted when I was 20 or 25. At those points in my life I was all about establishing myself; digging my heels into the world and telling it who I was and what I was going to do with it. Now, I’m feeling a lot more like sitting back and seeing what the world has to offer. All the simple things that seemed trite and like a waste of productivity hours seem like a really great way to spend the day now.

Running a marathon has always been on my bucket list, but part of getting older is realizing that sometimes you want things that you don’t really want. I really don’t want to spend 4 hours running. But I really do want to test my athletic mettle. And I really do want to give thanks to the world for giving me 30 healthy years on the planet. So, I signed up for Team in Training for the Nike Women’s Half-Marathon in April. By doing this I can, raise money for charity, which is a part of my life that has always been important to me (hence the years working in the non-profit sector) and cross one off of the ole bucket list.

I had my first group run last night. I have to tell you, months of sitting in front of a computer with a much diminished gym schedule really took its toll on my endurance. As soon as my final book edits are done I’m going to get pretty cozy with the treadmill aisle at the gym. I’m pretty sure that makes me a masochist. But at least I’ll be leaving my 20s in the dust.

I’ve been curious about the Team in Training experience for quite a while now, and I’m guessing I’m not the only one. I plan on blogging about the experience, the fundraising requirements and the training elements, that will take place over the next five months. Stay tuned…


Bran flakes with banana and 1% milk


Salad with hard-boiled egg, onion, tomato, and olives. Dressed with olive oil and lemon juice.

Tomato and rice soup


Roasted peppers, eggplant and chickpeas with whole wheat cous cous