Happy Election Day Americans!

Before I start writing for real, let me just say I’m a bit tipsy. All typos are not my fault, blame it on the a a a a a a alcohol. On another note, let me just say that Whole Foods $3 merlot is quite excellent.

Glad we covered that.


Did you vote today?

While I admit to being a bit of a sour puss this past week, going to my polling location certainly put a smile on my face.

Never have I been so happy to wait on an hour-long line!

Voting may only take a few second, but it is a very big deal. My parents volunteer every Election Day, regardless of the size of the election, to hang out at the polls and help people vote. Voting is serious business in the Miller family. When I studied abroad my sophomore year of college I was one of the only students with mail waiting for me. What was that mail? My absentee ballot. Just because I was gallivanting across Europe didn’t mean my parents were about to let me off the hook for our local county legislature elections.

One of the many values my parents instilled me with was that voting was not only my right, but it was a privilege. Nothing drives that home more than living with someone who isn’t yet a citizen. Hopefully next year The Fella will move from Green Card holder to full-fledged American, for now I’m voting for the both of us.

Can you imagine living in a country without any say in what happens to you and what your rights are?

Well, I have to say that voting today was an absolute pleasure.

For starters, my polling place was at a local church and volunteers from the congregation organized seating in the pews so that people wouldn’t have to stand outside in the cold and so that no one would lose their place in line. While we waited, and waited we did, people were going down the aisles asking if anyone wanted coffee or hot chocolate, and offering homemade baked goods.

I’m forever amazed and thankful for how nice people are.

On the way out of the polling center the church was holding a fundraiser for the families in our community still reeling from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Obviously I donated.

People are awesome, I love people, and that’s not just the wine talking—people are pretty amazing in their capacity to care for one another. Okay, maybe that is the wine, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

I’m not one for talking politics. I really do believe that everyone is entitled to their beliefs without contention or mockery. I don’t care who you voted for, but I truly hope that you voted.

Post vote refreshments, anyone?

Now, where did I put that wine bottle…


Whole wheat wrap with scrambled egg whites, tomato, and sriracha sauce


I met up with a couple of girlfriends for some Pho and bubble tea.


The Fella made dinner tonight, I think he was protecting me from the fire…wine and fire don’t mix.
Veggie burger with egg, hot sauce, guacamole
Sides of chick pea salad and tabouli salad

Exercise: Typing counts as aerobic exercise, right?  I’m in the last week and a half of book edits and the gym is on the back burner for now.