Hurricane Sandy can suck my big toe.

That’s all I have to say.

The Fella and I survived the storm, as did our families and friends, and in that sense we are so very lucky. So many people in New York City had their homes completely destroyed and lost family members, human and furry alike, to this terrible storm.

When I was a child my family home burned down; every family photo, family heirloom, and all of our pets were taken from us within the course of a few hours. To say that I can sympathize with what so many of my neighbors are going through is an understatement. I know exactly what they are going through, and it’s not something I would wish on the person I like least in the world. My heart goes out to everyone still recuperating from Sandy…including my Fella.

Remember last week how I blogged about renting a storage space for The Fella‘s prized comic collection? Well, that was absolutely one of the worst mistakes of my life. Our storage space was directly in the path of the storm, and once we realized our unit was in the flood zone it was too late to get them out, the area had been evacuated. As soon as the storm was over The Fella went down to check the status of the thing that he loves most in the world, and realized it had been completely decimated in the storm. Unfortunately renter’s insurance doesn’t cover flood or natural disasters.

I have never hurt so much for someone else. Bearing witness to his pain has just been absolutely devastating. I guess that’s how you know you really love someone.

New York City is slowly but surely starting to come alive again. While our electricity didn’t go out, our Internet and phone were out for a while (hence the seeming disappearance from the blogosphere), the subways are almost back to normal, and shops have started to reopen. The Rockaways and Staten Island where hardest hit by this storm and it will be a very hard winter for the people living in those areas, and I urge anyone interested in helping to donate to one of the many reputable organizations helping with Sandy relief efforts. I, for one, am a big supporter of City Harvest and Feeding America, who provides food and water to people in need.

New Yorker’s have a rap for being rude, but that’s just an act. New Yorker’s are amazingly resilient and kind people. In the days since the hurricane I have seen such amazing outpourings of support from friends and strangers; people offering places to stay and showers to anyone stranded by power outages and evacuations, food and clothing drives taking place in office buildings and street corners, and hotels putting up displaced people in guest rooms and cots in whatever nook and cranny they could find. The support isn’t just local, people all over the country have reached out to help my hometown recover, and I know I speak for New Yorker’s when I say that we are so incredibly thankful for that support.


Bran flakes with banana and milk


I forgot to take pictures of my lunch because I just shoved in my face while working.
Tofurky and a whole wheat wrap


Enchiladas stuffed with vegetarian chili and topped with Cheddar cheese