There was a wee part of me that didn’t think it was actually going to happen—especially when my living room looked like this…

…but the comic books have successfully been transported to their new home.

Not in the hallway of our building. I’m pretty sure our landlord thought we were moving out this morning.

To their very own apartment in another part of town. Sure we’ll visit, they’re still part of the family, but they can’t live in the living room anymore.

Now we have a place to eat, Zumba, and read in a widow-y nook. Ahh, this is the life. It feels really good to finally be settled in our new place.

While things are finally on the right track at home, I’m in the final stretch of re-writes for my manuscript. The next few weeks will most likely be mentally and emotionally exhausting, but when it’s all over my head and fingers will have given birth to a book, and I can return to some semblance of normalcy until next summer when the book comes out and I have a total freak out about the reality of the whole thing. But that’s like a million months away.

In the meantime my blog posts will remain random and sporadic because that’s how my brain works, but hey– look at my food…


Coffee smoothie: iced coffee, almond milk, banana, and vanilla protein powder


Black bean burger and side salad


Oooh, not eating on a couch. So civilized!
Also, you will notice that we drink red stuff. It’s knock-off brand Crystal Lite. Everyone has their vices, mine is artificially flavored fruit-style drinks.

Vegetable soup

Roasted cauliflower and soy dogs

Exercise: 45-minute spin class