Today I read an interesting opinion piece on about the increase in “Fitspo” pictures on Pinterest. You know, the pictures of super-duper buff ladies rocking six-packs and tough love slogans about hard work and ass-kicking in the gym.

Pictures like these…

Err…I’m infinity months away from that.

The article is interesting reading, but if you’re lazy and don’t want to click through I’ll sum it up here: While meant to be inspiring, perhaps this new “fitspo” phenomenon is just as damaging to our self-worth as the Kate Moss-y slogans like “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” that were so popular a fw years back. Is the pressure to be super fit just as bad for women as the pressure to be super thin? Is this the same unhealthy mindset, different body type to obsess over?

My thoughts are mixed. I feel like I am forever trying to find a middle ground between self-acceptance and self-improvement. Sometimes for self-improvement a little hard-truth-telling is necessary as is a little reach-for-the-stars motivation. On the other hand, I eat relatively clean, I work out hard, and I’m still a wee bit more “fleshy” than I’d like—but I don’t think a healthy lifestyle means never eating out, never indulging, or enjoying a glass of wine or two on special occasions. Defined abs are not the only part of a life that matters.

That doesn’t make me want them any less.

See the mixed feelings?

I do find many of these photos (not necessarily the ones I’ve posted above, but other pictures of strong women lifting heavy and pushing themselves hard) inspiring. I am always trying to improve my body, my mind, my habits, and my relationships. Life, at least to me, is about growing.

In regard to this fitness based phenomenon, there is a difference between inspiration and torture. Many of these “You could be hot if only you tried harder, lifted heavier, and wore more Lululemon” pictures can seem like unattainable standards of fitness that most of us won’t ever achieve. Having said that, I’m not sure images of someone like myself, huffing, puffing, and sweating like a pig in the gym would be quite as motivating.

I will say this, my body goals today are the same now as they were before Pinterest ever existed. I want to be strong and healthy and comfortable in my skin.

Where do you stand on “fitspo”? Are these pictures motivating or just one more unattainable standard women are expected to live up to?


Raisin bran with reduced fat milk
Hard-boiled eggs

I didn’t take a picture of this, but I ate half a chocolate protein muffin and drank half a protein shake post strength training, and had the other halves after I finished cardio.


Vegetable soup and scrambled egg whites with salsa


Our apartment is still in flux as we prepare to move stuff to the storage unit. We set up a free-for-all coffee table dinner of tofurky, low-carb whole wheat tortillas, tabouli salad, chick pea salad, and vegetable soup. We snacked as we cleaned the living room and watched the Presidential debate.


A-Day strength: Shoulders, Chest, Triceps, and Abs
Cardio: 45-minutes interval training on the elliptical machine